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I started competing when I was seventeen years old. I always played sports growing up so naturally I had an athletic body type. In high school, I started getting burnt out on sports and wanted to do my “own thing”. I used to fear lifting weights and thought they would make me “bulky” until I met someone at my gym who did bikini competitions. I remember thinking how amazing her body looked and that was something I wanted to do. I started lifting when I was sixteen and had no idea what I was doing. With the help of some friends I met in the gym I slowly made progress. A year after weight lifting I jumped right into my first competition as a junior in high school.

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My diet changed from off-season to pre-contest pretty drastically. On a day to day basis I follow flexible dieting and track my macros. This allows me to stay consistent while eating foods that I enjoy. During prep, I am usually on a very structured diet and workout regimen that slightly changes from week to week. Of course, calories drop and it gets harder and harder as I get closer to a show. What I have found most effective to lose weight and build muscle is tracking Macros. This is something that has helped me to find balance and tune with my body, however, everyone is different so what works for me might not work for someone else.
A competition plan I’ve tried that failed my expectations was a higher carb diet. I still lost weight with maintaining my muscle mass, however, I didn’t come in lean enough for stage. I don’t regret trying a different diet because it helps me know what works and what doesn’t.

I built confidence to walk on stage by practicing my walk and posing almost every day. What really helped me was to envision myself walking on stage and picturing how I wanted myself to look. I what they meant when the judges say, “confidence is everything” because you have to act like you own the stage. If you are putting in all that hard work you want to properly showcase it on stage. Most importantly you want to have FUN! It’s such an awesome feeling being up there and knowing you worked so hard for this moment.

Some components of my training program are split up by different body parts each day followed by 20 min of HIIT post workout and fasted cardio on the weekends. I still always include 1 rest day a week because when your body is always under constant stress it can actually set you back from your fitness goals. I definitely have to balance diet with my training by making sure that I am eating enough food to fuel my workouts as well as making sure that I am still able to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle

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My experience from one of my recent shows was when I competed all the way across the country in Boston was absolutely crazy. It started out when I missed my flight and had to drive to LA to catch another flight at 1 am. As soon as I got off the plane I had to rush to my hotel for tanning and by the time I was done it was 8 pm and my show was the next day. It was the most exhausting and nerve racking weekend of my life but also one of the best because I love being on stage. All the turmoil trying to get there was worth it in the end as well as being able to explore Boston and meet so many new people. I ended up placing top 5

Being an athlete effects my life in so many ways, especially being in college. Trying to balance school, work, the gym, and a social life can get pretty tricky so I try my best to find a solid balance. Sometimes this means not going out if I have to get up early for the gym, missing social events, or leaving parties early. The college culture revolves around drinking but this is something that I don’t participate in. I still go out and have fun with my friends but my goals are more important to me. Being an athlete has also affected my life in so many positive ways. It has helped me to be dedicated, patient, and resilient. It has built my mental strength and confidence in myself as well.

My future plans right now are to compete in June, continue networking with other people, possibly start a YouTube channel, slowly keep making connections with good people, and keep inspiring others.

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