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My story began in 2013. After I have been staying at home with and for my kids for almost five years I had enough of just doing the household. As I made my driving license and had some spare-time in the evening I decided that I could sign in to a Gym, which in my case it has been Mc Fit. I did sports my whole life -soccer, fencing and acrobatics, but when I got pregnant and had kids there wasn`t enough time for doing something else. So I thought it would be good idea to start with fitness.

I had a lot of fun trying all the different machines and exercises and soon recognized that my body has changed. My shoulders got bigger and rounder and my legs looked beautifully toned. I was amazed by what changes after such a short time. I began to get kind of lunatic searching the internet for high-protein recipes and started following some IFBB Athletes to learn more about training.

Katja Bongart

As I was searching the internet and found the page of Valeria Ammirato, a famous German competitor and how stunning and beautiful she looked at stage, I decided to also compete and be another new version of myself. And the most fascinating thing still is that you are the sculptor of your body and you can always change something.

I met a great older guy who had a lot of experience and competed himself, he told me hat my physique looks like I could be successful in competing.


In my off-season I really eat what I like to. But it`s not like I eat fast food or ice cream very often. I eat a lot of fruits and drink juices and of course sometimes (once a week) I make a cheat day with chocolate or waffles with cream. I eat four times a day. Calories are 2400, 60% carbs, 25 % Protein, 15 % fat.

I start dieting 10-8 weeks before competition by reducing the carbs , increasing protein and fat, calories 1750, 70% Protein, 15 % carbs, 15 % fat.

At the end of the diet I have different calories per day between 950 kcal and 1500kcl, so the body can not get used to anything and burns better.

Last week before comp. I only eat vegetables (a few) and protein and I drink up to 10 liter of water per day to push the water out.
I stop drinking water the day before comp. After lunch and then drink a coke or ice tea with a lot of sugar before hitting stage, and start loading my muscles with dry carbs such as rice waffles with honey or honey cake.

I think lean bulking is just a theory, to make muscles grow, you definitely need a lot of carbs too. For me a competition diet works best with very low carbs and high fat and protein. The weight loss is much faster. I cannot say that any of my diets failed, but one made me more upset and bad tempered. I did my first competition with relatively high carbs (a lot of rice) and low fat. But I am a person who can live without rice or pasta or potatoes, but I cannot live without fat.


Dumbbell exercise for every part of the body (curls, kick-backs, Hammercurls etc.)

Barbell exercises (Squads , Lunges, bent over barbell row, shoulder presses)

Crossfit and cardio (treadmill and spinning)

On Stage

After my body changed into a sculpture- like figure I really liked it. I felt strong from the outside but also from the inside. I became self-confident and when I saw myself ready for stage for the first time, I couldn`t believe that this was me. I looked so elegant and beautiful. Feeling that strong made me lose my fears. The people around me encouraged my by making compliments and by showing up at the competition, so it was really easy to walk out.

My last competition has been the WBBF World Grand Prix in Wuppertal, Germany. I was very excited because my team bosses Jorg Fuchs and Haci Donmez got the honour to build up a Division of the WFF-WBFF in Germany. So I have been a part of a new big thing.

When we arrived at the location we were welcomed by the team bosses, the president of the association and my team mates. It was awesome to see everybody again. During the check-in I, as I always do, checked how many competitors are participating in my class.

I showed my passport and got my number. My sister has been my stylist and color girl which made me totally happy since she made really good job and we don`t see each other very often anymore because I moved away from my hometown, more than one and a half hour away.

As we arrived backstage there was little space for resting and placing my stuff, but we managed to find a corner.

It is always funny backstage as you have the opportunity to chat with other competitors, change eyeliners or shoes, helping to make the hairstyle. You always have some cool and friendly girls to chat with, but you also have girls which are so competitive that they donīt talk to anyone.

At this competition there were a lot of girls from different countries such as Russia, Lituanhia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco..

It was awesome and a whole new atmosphere , different judges.

I had a lot of fun on stage, I loved my bikini which I made myself and gave my best. Finally I got the 3rd place, a WFF-WBBF Pro Card and the qualification for the Mister and Miss Universe in Lituanhia. I was really happy with this result and because my husband and kids and niece have also been there to cheer. The visit at a famous fast food store was the best thing this night. Next season I will have a lot of competitions starting from first April until the end of May. It will be a very exhausting season, but I am really looking forward to it. In autumn I will only make one big competition which is still a secret, because it is not 100 % sure.

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