Kati Latorovszki - Bikini Competitor

One of the main reasons I wanted to start competing was because approaching my 55th birthday I was finding my hormones and just general determiner was not where I wanted it to be. My body composition was changing despite me still being a full time fitness instructor due to hormone imbalance (menopause). I didn't know what else to do with myself - I than saw a friend (Donna Gillie) and former participant in my classes who had begun competing in the bikini category in local fitness shows. I was curious so I messaged her about how she got started and that is how I found my amazing coach Matt Fox owner of LeanAesthetics.

So my dieting changed big time when I started prepping for my show. Due to being a fitness instructor I depended highly on a large carbohydrate intake but when I made the transition to contest prep I learn about flexible dieting and IIFYM. I still always ate clean all year round but now I understood how I needed to properly fuel my body with the correct amount of protein fat and carbs...along with macro-nutrient intake like salt and fiber. I typical do carb cycling during prep and I love it - it has been very effective for fat-loss.

All my meals are tracked using my macros plus - user name is katifitness. 100p 65c 35f just before the show.

The types of diets I've tried in the past that didn't work well are Raw food diet and protein shake based diets both failed me in the pasts because I didn't achieve the body composition and the energy level I desired for my lifestyle. I felt tired and moody. When you're not eating the proper protein fats and carbs it further jeopardized my health and mental hormonal balance.

I do weight workouts 5x a week and abs 1x a week with cardio ranging from 45-to 1 hour (depending on my fitness instructing that week). I love running in the off season and teaching ZUMBA class. Close to the show the stepper in my go to cardio choice. Closer to the show I lift heavier with low rep focusing more on building my legs and glutes. Just coming off of my latest competition I have higher volume full body workouts.

I balance training and diet by always being prepared...so this meals planning and tracking my foods daily to provide the correct fuel for what each day is bringing.

I've always had a good foundation for confidence but competing along with my coaches and teammates further increased how great I felt during the changes. I was on stage with women sometimes less than half my age holding my own and getting callouts. . I looked and felt amazing and was probably in the best shape of my life during the east coast classic 2016. Practice makes perfect and I have a passion for this sport and people will be seeing more of me strutting across the stage next year.

The day of the contest I'm always really excited to get ready with my teammates. We start early with hair/makeup to get beautiful for the stage. Also my coach examines how I look/feel in the morning and tells me what I should eat before I hit the stage (I had almonds and rice Krispies). Backstage is so fun and positive because all the girls are so supportive. When I'm on stage I feel like a million bucks - it's such a rush. It is amazing to me when I heard my coach cheering so loud and proudly from the audience it warms my heart! At this years competition I had a lady approach my offstage and ask my politely if I was really 56years old. After I told her I was she gave me the biggest hug and said there is still hope for her!

My future is bright and I'm just getting started. I have plans to compete in Moncton at the Atlantic Classic in 2017. I'm excited to pick a new suit to rock the stage with! There is still work to do and muscle to build.

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Kati Latorovszki