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I started to compete because I wanted a new challenge. I had been an avid long distance runner and felt burnt out. I went back and forth about competing for about a year but I'm so glad I decided to make the switch!

I haven't really entered my "off-season" yet but I have been an athlete my entire life and I know that in order to win, there's really no "off-season" Those words don't really exist so I will continue to hit the gym hard and track my meals everyday in the building phase. When I ran a lot I would restrict my calories and I think that was a lack of understanding of how the body actually functions. Now that I lift and eat a lot more, I weigh less and look and feel a lot better!

Overall novice!!! #trophy #winning #burgertime #seeyoulaterleaner #firstplace #musclecontest #legendsclassic2018

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I built confidence just by practicing posing every day. Whether that meant 5 minutes or an hour of practicing. I knew that walking in heels would be my weak point so I forced myself to walk around my home in them and just continue to get more comfortable in them. Also, I decided to do my first show in Vegas (not local). I didn't know anyone so I felt like I could really show off in front of strangers.

I incorporate all types of fitness, cardio steady state, HIIT, high volume lifting style and heavy days as well. I also meal prep and bring food with me everywhere to balance out the diet. I work in surgery so it's tough to eat throughout the day but I'm always prepared with food.

I won overall novice at my first show in Vegas and I was absolutely thrilled and proud of myself!! I think the biggest tip I received was to stay true to yourself. I tried to focus on my posing and not surround myself with other competitors' opinions. I knew I put in the hard work so all I had to do was show that on stage and when I got up there I just had a blast with it!! I never knew I'd have so much fun competing but every moment was amazing and I just love the sport!

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Being an athlete has always been my life, and that's exactly it, this sport is a lifestyle and it's not just something I wanted to "try," I'm in this for the long haul and I'm fortunate to have family and friends that understand my lifestyle. I have a great support team so by incorporating the training and discipline into my everyday life is just something I'm used to now.

Future plans: qualify for nationals, do a national show and get my PRO CARD!!!!!!!!

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