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I first decided to compete in bodybuilding during my undergraduate studies at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) back in 2013. I had previously competed as a Division 1 athlete in swimming for the first two years of college but wanted to take a break from the sport to focus on other athletic goals and aspects of my life. I competed in 4 shows while at FGCU earning the title of Ms. University twice. I also competed in another collegiate show this past April hosted by University of Tampa and University of South Florida and came in second in both women's figure and women's bikini. Bodybuilding started off as just a hobby to better myself but I quickly fell in love with sport and decided earlier this year to pursue it further by beginning prep for shows in both the NSL and NPC later this year. I am looking to compete in figure in the NPC as well as both figure and bikini athletic in the NSL. I am currently working with IFBB Pro Jason Theobald as my coach and love the journey!

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Contest Prep

Currently, I have been on a recomp/ slow cutting phase since January and have experimented with a few different plans although I have found that staying on keto for 6 days a week followed by 1 day with a carb refeed has worked best for fat loss. I will remain on this plan for about another month before I begin a performance macro phase for two weeks going into my summer championship swim meet in June. In the past, I have tried low carb along with too low of fats and I ran into several problems with feeling sick, having low energy, and being weak. I wasn't with a coach and was just trying a random plan to see if it worked and although I lost a lot of weight on the plan I also sacrificed quite a bit of muscle too. Low carb and low fat can work well but I did not eat enough for an extended period of time and learned to only utilize this method for brief periods of time.

My training is a bit different than most people who compete in bodybuilding since my primary sport is swimming. I train in the pool anywhere from 6-8 times a week which is about 20 hours a week at swim practice. While at practice we mix the training between the pool as well as strength training and other forms of cardio. In addition, I also lift 3 times a week on an alternating schedule between hypertrophy training and strength training. I surround my training with the bulk of my carbs for the day with other meals usually being low in carbs or not having carbs at all.

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On Stage

In complete honesty I have always been a bit shy of being in the spotlight but as a swimmer I am constantly surrounded by people while being only in a swim suit so once I hopped on stage it came naturally. I just decided to have fun while on stage and live in the moment and it has worked every time.

I haven't competed in the NPC or NSL yet but I recently competed at the First Annual University of Tampa and University of South Florida Bodybuilding Show and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life! We had several IFBB Pros come to help us during the process with show prep and posing and it made me much more confident in preparing for my shows later this year.

Being an athlete gives me purpose and hope in life and I enjoy using each sport to better the other. Although I wouldn't trade this lifestyle for any other I will admit it can be challenging at times to train and diet consistently. There are a lot of sacrifices that are made with being a two sport athlete but it is well worth the experience and joy of pushing past my limits.

I am looking to compete this summer in other swim meets May-July and then I plan on having my first show in the NSL October 21st in Tampa. After that I would like to compete in the NPC hopefully in November. I plan on competing primarily in swimming for the next three years in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Trials and afterwards I would like to see how far I can take my bodybuilding career in women's figure or possibly women's physique.

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