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Two and half years ago I decided to completely change my life. During this time I lost on weight 50 kgs (110 pounds) and I started my new life. At the beginning I absolutely didn’t think about the competition. I just wanted to feel good and be fit. But fitness life took my whole heart and I decided to try a competition. It should be a culmination of my fitness way. But it was so awesome, that I decided to compete more and again.

Through the whole year I try to eat healthy. I control the amount of proteins, carbs and fat. The closer to the competition, the lower is the amount of carbs and fat, of course. But all the time I eat six times a day. I just listen to my trainer and do, what she says me. Both for diet as well as for training. I competed in autumn 2017 for the first time, so I do not have enough experiences about various diet plans. I do power training and cardio every time of my preparation. At the end of the preparation I also add fasted cardio in the morning.

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When I was on my first competition, I was pretty nervous. Me on the stage and a lot of people watching me. But now I was thinking, that there’s only me on the stage and I have to show my best. I was focused and I was only enjoying the whole atmosphere without nervousness.

My last contest this year was BFC Cup on May 6th. This competition was the highlight of the spring season 2018 for me and I really enjoyed it. I was excited from the early morning. The whole atmosphere of the competition was very unique and professional, it was excellent organized and with no delay. A lot of competitors from Czech and also from abroad came to compete and most of them were very friendly.

Being an athlete: It totally changed my life and I am very thankful for it. In diet it is sometimes not so easy, because you cannot join the “normal” life of family and friends, but I would not change at all. It is my lifestyle and I love it.

Now I will start my off- season and I’m going to compete again in 2019.

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