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All my life as I can remember I was a very active girl. I was always doing sports. It was horse riding, swimming, yoga, martial arts. But one day I went to gym and I realised that this is the place where I belong. And being a very ambitious girl i decided to achieve something worthy in this sport. I decided to compete. So in October of 2016 I started my first preparation ever. In April of 2017 was my first competition, where I got 2nd place. From that time I competed 8 more times and I ALWAYS got first 4 places in all my competitions. I was 100% dedicated, so this year at Olympia Amateur United Kingdom 2018, on the 7th of October i won my PRO card and became a PRO Bikini.

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Say hello to a new IFBB PRO BIKINI ?????? Special thanks to my biggest support and my beloved husband @aleksandr_wolk ??? And a best coach that I could ever imagine @ifbb_romanmiscenko ???? I saw a fitness life from the other side and I love it! Thank you! #ifbbcompetitor #ifbbbikinifitness #ifbbproitaly #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #2broproevents #2bpevents #2bropro #olympiaamateuruk #olympia #olympiafitness #npcathlete #npccompetitor #npcbikinicompetitor

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My diet off-season is very different to pre-contest diet. As a young athlete in this sport I have a lot of work to do with my body, I have to grow more muscles, so when I am off season I have a big amount of calories in my diet to have a chance to grow. The most effective way to grow muscles for me is to eat a lot of food (but 90% it must be “clean” food, and only 10% it can be any junk food, sweets etc.), to train hard on a problem zones and a lot of sleep and recovery, of course. And when I am on my pre-contest diet I cut my calories a lot to burn fat and to be lean. The most effective way to lose weight for me is to eat a small amount of food every 2 hours and to do cardio workouts 6 times a week. At this period sleep and recovery is very important for me as well. Well.. the only thing that I have tried and that didn’t work on me was eating fruits and milk products on my pre-contest diet. If I am eating those products during my pre-contest diet then all the work that I am doing to lose weight is pointless. It just doesn’t work on me.

About my self-confidence. I think it is my some kind of a gift, because I was always confident on stage, from the very first time! I am never nervous or scared. When I am thinking about stage I feel just so happy and it is just where I belong.

My training methods are changing from season to season. I think it is very essential to change your methods time to time to have a good progress. I have my coach who is planning all my preparation steps and stages for the best result.

The only contest I can think about right now is my last competition at Olympia Amateur United Kingdom 2018. It was my fateful competition. I won my PRO card there. I can only remember the words in my head :”First place award goes to Katerina Chistova” I couldn’t realise that, I couldn’t believe that it is not a dream. I was so happy that moment, I looked in the audience where my husband was sitting and I just felt how proud he is of me.

Being an athlete affect my life 100%. All my life is connected to fitness. I am a fitness bikini competitor, my husband is a classic physique competitor. We both are personal fitness coaches. I am a nutritionist as well. So yes, I am 100% into fitness. And I love it.

My future plans are just huge. My next goal is to become miss bikini Olympia in Las Vegas. So a big and hard road to go, but I am so excited, so inspired to have a new experience, to meet a professional Bikini competitors, to feel that atmosphere of a PRO stage. Follow me, stay with me and we will go this road together. Thank you!

Email: fit.katerina.cistova@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ifbbpro_katerina_chistova

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