Kate Winter - Bikini Competitor

I used to be a marathon runner, but unfortunately was very underweight and this spiralled into an eating disorder. After receiving treatment I decided to start lifting weights as an alternative to running. I loved feeling strong in the gym and noticed how my body was changing. I had the bug, so training to compete was a natural progression.

My diet all year round consists of single ingredient food sources, and tends to be high in carbs to fuel my training and protein for recovery. In the off season I ensure that I am eating in a calorie surplus in order to build muscle, and in contest prep I diet very slowly in order to retain the muscle and drop body fat. I am blessed with a fast metabolism so my calories remain fairly high. I had never followed another diet plan, but had a history of under eating and restricting calories. This left me lethargic and very thin, so I'm far happier and stronger eating more and training hard!

I weight train 5/6 days per week, focusing on each body part. I currently train glutes and hamstrings twice per week as they are a lagging body part. I keep cardio to an absolute minimum as I find it makes me look scrawny, although I teach one indoor cycling class a week for fun and to keep my heart and lungs healthy.

I am quite a confident person, but on show day it really helps to adopt a winning persona! Once the tan and make up are on I feel a million dollars, so find that the stage sass comes quite naturally.

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I was elated after my first competition. I never expected to place, let alone come away with two trophies (Bikini Tall and Fitness Model). It was emotional for me as it made me realise how far I had come - from that underweight and unhappy girl to a true bikini athlete.

My future plans include building on my Personal Training business and then to step back on stage in April 2017.

For Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Modelling enquiries please feel free to contact me via email - bimswinter.bespokept@gmail.com - or on Twitter / Instagram @BimsWinter

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