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My competition career began in December of 2014. My initial goal with competing was to use it as a way to hold myself accountable after the birth of my two boys for getting back in shape. After competing in my first show I was hooked! I have spent the past 4 years continuing to grow, compete and improve.

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In terms of my nutrition and training it is something I have become very passionate about! My diet from 'off season' to 'show prep' varies mainly by the amount of calories I intake. I enjoy most of the same foods during both times, however add extra treats and refeed meals during my 'off season'. For my body type I find maintaining a base line of carbs and higher protein and fat all year round is best. As a Certified Nutritional Counsellor I am always looking for new 'macro friendly' ideas!

The least effective diet I have tried is IIFYM. My body does NOT fuel properly with 1500 calories of junk food vs 1500 calories of clean eating - and most people won't! In my experience this is overall the most difficult diet to consistently track as well.

Building the confidence to get on stage and showcase your physique is something that takes time! Learning to love your body at all stages of being in prep AND off season is essential for this. For myself, it took 3 shows before I finally felt confident walking on stage.

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My training program consists typically of training 6 days a week. I lift weights and use resistance training all year round. Cardio is usually every other day this 'off season' and gears up in frequency, duration and intensity as prep picks up!

My most recent show was about 2 weeks ago. I competed in the Nova Scotia Physique Championships in the Bikini Tall class where I place 2nd by a one point spread! This was my best placing and physique to date. This was coined a show "For the Athletes" and the promoters stayed true to their word! A positive experience from beginning to end. A first call out at the prejudging put me in a Top 5 placing and I was ecstatic to take home 2nd at the night show.

Being an athlete has created transferable in every aspect of my life. From being a single mom to two young boys, to working, to my personal relationships! Competing has shown me that I truly can achieve anything I set my mind to!

Coming off my most recent show with a one year qualification to compete at a Pro Qualifier I will be embracing my 'off season'. I intend to take the feedback I received from the judges and put it to good use. I'll take as long as I can to make the improvements I need to and hopefully get on stage again next Spring.

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