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I have always been a very active girl. I began horseback riding at 4 years old and went to an equestrian high school, where I competed in jumpers courses. When I turned 19, I got a modeling agency in New York City and started modeling so at that time I had to (unfortunately) put all of my effort to get as skinny as possible. The modeling industryís ideal sizes are absurd and that is something I have a passion for changing. At the time, I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. For starters, I would only do cardio and would pick at my food like a bird. To me at that time the most important thing was to get a ďthigh gapĒ between my legs. When I look back, I just shake my head.

What ultimately saved my happiness, and thus myself, was weight lifting.
After I competed in Miss International 2012, I moved to Miami, where the culture has a lot of Latin American influence. Women were allowed to be strong and work out and have muscles. I started researching everything about weight lifting. At first, it was very intimidating. I was going from being a girl that only did cardio to lifting weights. Once I started, however, I was hooked. I fell in love with the whole lifestyle and how amazing I would feel after each workout. I loved how much energy I would get from training hard, pushing myself, and feeling how much stronger I became from week to week. I was shocked at how much food I would consume and not gain any extra weight, just muscle.

When I started training, I would eat like any typical body builder: high protein, a good amount of fats, and healthy carbs. However, in the past months I have switched over to a mostly vegan diet. (I do still eat fish) I get my protein from plant-based protein powder, as well as from the food I eat, although I do eat fish twice a month. I donít consume any dairy, egg, red or white meat products and if you ask me, I have never felt better in my life. I drink almond and coconut milk, use a lot of nut butters, eat tons of vegetables, veggie burgers, and lots of fruit. I donít obsess over food. I eat when Iím hungry, make sure I have good energy before a workout, and make sure that I get protein and fats in after my workout. I donít think that itís health for humans to overthink their diet, especially not for girls, since they tend to binge eat. Everyone needs to find a healthy and balanced diet where they eat in a way that they can see themselves eating for the rest of their lives. I always tell others to eat and train, not ďdietĒ and exercise.

This is my current training regimen.
Monday: Leg day (squats, hip-thrusters, band walks, reversed hypers, hack squat machine, deadlifts, lunges)
Tuesday: Upper body push/pull vertical/horizontal, mobility work, and stretching (pull-ups, push-ups, bench, single arm row, seated row, face pulls or shoulder press, lateral/frontal shoulder press, ViPR shoulder mobility)
Wednesday: 3-mile run
Thursday: Active rest day
Friday: Leg day (squats, hip-thrusters, band walks, reversed hypers, hack squat machine, deadlifts, lateral lunges)
Saturday: Upper body push/pull and isolated bicep/tricep exercises (pull-ups, push-ups, bench, single arm row, seated row, face pulls or shoulder press, lateral/frontal shoulder press, ViPR shoulder mobility)
Sunday: Cardio (stair master, sprints, sled push, rope variations, flipping tiers, agility training)

My main challenge would probably be giving myself rest sometimes. I love working out more than anything and sometimes your body needs rest more than you want to rest.

My favorite modeling experience was probably representing my country in Miss International 2012.

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I have a lot of future goals. I want to continue to inspire people to get a healthier lifestyle, especially women, and to give them courage to start weight lifting so that they can experience all of the amazing benefits of this lifestyle. I hope to try to change the ideals of female beauty from being skinny to being strong and healthy. I also intend to further educate myself in nutrition and training, since you can never stop learning.

Career-wise, my dream since I was a little girl was to become an actress. Next year, Iíll be moving to Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. I know that it will be a long journey and Iím so excited to fight 100% for my dream. You try and you fail and then you try again until you succeed: thatís how success works.

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