Kat Bartlett - Fitness Model Competitor

I have been in the health/wellness industry for over a decade. Iíd worked at a holistic dental practice here in Australia and even a Chinese Med School in California before entering the fitness industry. Iíd always set ďme timeĒ to go to the gym, or for a run to clear my head and de-stress. However, since becoming a personal trainer a few years back and running my own business I had been putting everyone else's training before my own. I needed to start setting time for me to train and eat well. I needed to stop skipping meals or grabbing a protein bar for fast energy between client sessions. I needed to make sure I ďlooked like a trainerĒ and was doing what Iíd advise 100% not just 60% of the time. I needed a goal big enough to motivate me, yet be big enough to scare me if I failed and kept things the same way.

Thatís when the idea came to mind to compete. I also wanted to compete to help my clients. I wanted them to understand we all face the same issues each day, if we are tired do we reach for the coffee and banana bread or do we take a moment to think of our goals and chose something that will nourish the body and support the goal? I wanted to be a trainer my clients knew with certainty I could understand the difficulties around eating well while maintaining the responsibilities of everyday life. I wanted to show my clients how powerful our mindset really is. I wanted to prove that if you stay positive, take small steps daily towards your goal you will achieve it.

Diet and Training

This year was my first time ever competing. My pre contest diet was very structured & strict, which I thrive on. It was full of heaps of veggies & lean meats. The only ďcarbsĒ Iíd have would be sweet potato, or riceÖ.unless it was a ďcheat mealĒ then Iíd enjoy corn tortilla chicken tacos. For cutting fat & retaining muscle the goal was to speed up my metabolism which meant eating 6 meals a day. As Iím coeliac, food prep for comp and post comp isnít really much different. However, post comp I havenít been as strict and the sweets have crept back in. Dark chocolate is my weakness along with those gluten free Noshu donuts which I only discovered from having done comps. Iíve learned the hard way after this first comp how important maintaining a balanced nutrition is. Personally, I think the key is to keep the veggie intake up. I originally dropped back to only have 4 meals after comp but wasnít getting enough colour on my plate and would over eat.

I put 100% trust in my amazing coach Steve Baudo. Iíve known him for 5 years now. He actually was my mentor back when I was working on getting my Cert III & IV in fitness. Heís been doing comps and prepping competitors for ages. He has experience and knowledge that you canít find online or in a book. I followed the nutrition plan he put together specifically for me and followed it to the letter. Very grateful that I did because conditioning is key to winning.

My training is mainly weights focused. When prepping for comps I hit up the weights 5x a week. I focus only on 1 area a day (chest, back, legs, shoulders, arms) and choose 4 exercises to target that muscle for 4-5sets of 10-12 reps. I keep it very simple and track everything so I can be sure Iím progressing. I also do a lot of walking. As I am a Metafit coach I always test out the new tracks a few times before I have my group do them which means I do a 20min -25 min HIIT session a few times a month. I never train on an empty stomach and make sure to plan my training sessions to finish within 30mins of one of my meals. This allows me to really push hard during my sessions and ensure Iím refuelled to maintain muscle after.

On Stage

Confidence is something that starts in the mind. Iím a huge believer in visualisation techniques. If you can see yourself doing it in your mind, and feel yourself going through the motions, you can do it. I come from a pageant background so Iím comfortable being on stage. However, I wasnít confident in my posing for fitness modelling, having never done it before. To boost my confidence I met with my stage coach Rosa Maria-Romero for 5 sessions and hour long each. Every time I met with her my posing would change slightly as my body shape would change. It was frustrating at first but in between my weight sets Iíd practice. When Iíd be out with my friends and theyíd ask how my posing was coming along, Iíd get up and show them my full routine. I didnít care who was watching or where I was. Practicing physically going through the motions made it easier for me to feel confident.

I competed in Fitness Model Divisions Season A 2016
1st place-First Timers-INBA North Coast Classic
1st place- Novice- INBA North Coast Classic
1st place-30+ - INBA North Coast Classic
1st place- Overall - INBA North Coast Classic
1st place- 30+ - INBA Super Bodies
1st place- Open- INBA Super Bodies
2nd place- Overall - INBA Super Bodies
1st place- Open- NABBA/WFF Night of Champions
5th place- 30+- INBA Nationals
5th place ĖPro Card division- INBA Nationals

Every show I did I always felt a bit nervous until my hair/ makeup was done and I was onsite registered with my numbers in my hand. After that it was all excitement. I was actually in my own little world as Iíd be back stage getting ready. Iíd practice my posing, practice my walk and do a pump up with my coach Steve. I remember having great conversations before the show with some of the other amazing women. I ended up making some really good friendships from competing. However, thinking back on it I never really knew who I was standing next to on stage until I saw pictures. The time on stage goes so quickly and is over in the blink of an eye. Itís a rollercoaster of emotions. The last show I broke down and cried between my divisions. I had been on such a high from winning 1st and wanted to win my Pro Card so much that when I didnít I think you could hear my heart fall out of my chest onto the floor. I was confronted with an immediate since of feeling completely lost, angry and sad all at once. Being 5th in the country didnít feel good enough as my goal was the Pro Card and I thought Iíd be continuing my prep to compete overseas representing Australia. When I woke up the next morning and didnít have to prep my food, or eat or train at a specific time I felt empty. I honestly cried for about 3 days, was hard to hold the tears back when someone asked me how the show went.

After season A I set a few physical challenges for myself, 2 of which I just accomplished recently! I set out to do a Ĺ marathon (ran the entire thing without training at a 6:20 pace!) and completed a Spartan race. Going forward Iím working on rebuilding my business. Iíve recently left Goodlife Health Clubs in the city and will be operating out of Fitness First St Leonards. I want to be able to help women during the post comp time with an online program Iíve put together that is a 12 week Post Comp Guide to help them Re-Build, Re-Ignite & Re-Power their mind and body after competition. So be on the lookout for Post Comp Katalist. Now that my health is back on track Iím aiming to compete again next year with NABBA/WFF. I still want to win my PRO CARD and have the ability to travel overseas to compete representing Australia!

Email: katalistpt@gmail.com
Instagram: @katalistpt
FB: www.facebook.com/katalistpt

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