Kashma Maharaj - Update

Kashma Maharaj update.
June 2016

My experience at the Orlando Europa 2016 was mixed. I was excited to get back on stage and compete after a break of 2.5 years but I was also nervous since this was going to be my first contest prep without a coach, sponsorship or a training partner and I was relying on my own knowledge and experience to develop my training routines, diet programs and supplementation protocols.

My prep was faced with many challenges. I was still getting over the sudden death of my father, I was recovering from an injury to my right arm and lower back from 2015 and I had developed a new injury to my neck, shoulder and upper back. However, I am a fighter and I pushed through the pain, the setbacks and the challenges.

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Because of the lack of sponsorship I was working 12-16hr days up until about 3 days before stepping on stage, This was both tiring and stressful but as fans and competitors know, this sport is expensive, especially contest prep, and the sport itself does not offer jobs or winnings that can help to recover the expenses that an athlete incurs.

I was traveling extensively for 8 weeks and really only had 4 weeks to stay close to home and dial in for my contest.

It was nerve wracking and I was doing everything I could to get ready: fasted cardio in the morning, 2 training sessions per day, more cardio at night, posing practice, posing routine practice, tanning and sauna time to help drop water and so much more. But in the end, it all came together and I won 1st place.

I was so happy and excited to head to Orlando, even though I was low on sugar so the drive there was a huge challenge for me. I was happy to have the support of my friends, fans, clients and family members. My mom flew to Orlando from Trinidad to support me and experience a bodybuilding contest for the first time in the USA. The show was well organised and the expo was so much fun.

Unfortunately most of my supporters did not get to see me on stage since they were stuck in traffic for over and hour in the car park for the Orlando convention centre. I was just happy to be on stage and to win. I felt like I accomplished more than a win, it was validation of my knowledge and efforts to prep myself for this show under less than ideal circumstances and a short prep time. I was looking forward to relax but my victory and bliss were short lived since my supporters were literally fighting for my time.

Coming out of the Europa, I had major plans to compete in the Southern States, Masters Nationals, USA's, and/or North Americans. However I found out that only US citizens can compete in these pro qualifiers and there are NO pro qualifiers in existence for international athletes to earn their pro card as FBB. This was very sad for me especially since I have sent numerous letters to various high ranking members of the IFBB and NPC asking for guidance on how I can get my pro card since this is something I have been trying to do since 2011. The only advice I got was to switch over to physique and try winning my pro card via that category.

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I am at the point where I am uncertain about competing again since my goal for the last 5 years has been to get my pro card and compete on a pro level. It makes no sense, to me, to continue to spend tons of money on prep and contest expenses just to be an amateur forever. Still waiting on some sort of response from the IFBB.

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