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A New IFBB Pro, 2018 NPC USA Championships

I started competing in 2015. When I started training for my first show it was just a weight loss goal for me. I was not in shape at the time, I had just torn my MCL playing soccer and gained about 20lbs during my recovery process. I ended up getting nationally qualified my first show and realized that this might be something I could be good at and it took off from there!

During my off-season I follow a flexible dieting macro approach. I track my macros on MyFitnessPal app which gives me the freedom to live my life less restricted while also hitting my nutrition goals. When I shift into competition prep I find that carb cycling works best for me. My calorie intake and macros have been different each prep because my metabolism is always changing.
My very first prep coach had me in ketosis to lose weight. It got me way too skinny and it was hard for me to build solid muscle. It definitely took the weight off quickly but looking back I wouldn't use that approach again.

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My self-confidence has gotten better every show where I continue to feel more comfortable on stage. I like to use visualization techniques; thinking about my routine, the feeling of nervousness and excitement, and making eye contact with the judges. I create this "beyonce" persona in my head that I try to imitate on stage!

Training: My coaches are professional strongmen and power lifters so I do a lot of traditional compound lifts during my off season to build a strong foundation then move into high rep circuit training when I'm cutting. I do more HIIT cardio in my off season to keep me decently lean and ease my way into longer steady state sessions during prep which isn't so damaging to my muscles.

My most recent contest was NPC USA National Championships where I took first place and became an IFBB Pro! The entire process just felt like it was my time. During checkins I was sociable and happy to see all my friends and judges that I know. The day of prejudging I brought a pillow and blanket and my headphones and literally napped backstage and listened to podcasts that I enjoy. I kept the entire weekend as stress free as possible. I wasn't frantic to pump up because I knew what I brought was the best I've looked. I actually didn't even put my heels on until the very last minute. The day of finals was exciting because I knew I had a chance of earning my pro card- and did!

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Being an athlete has made me much more disciplined and goal oriented. It has helped me create structure and routine in my life that I didn't have before- which has resulted in my success and organization skills !

As of now I'm planning my wedding and have no plans to compete until late 2019. I have not taken more than 4 months "off" since 2015 when I started and my body needs at least a year to feel healthy hormonally again. I do have plans to compete in big shows as an IFBB pro because I want to make it to the Olympia stage.

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