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Karin: I've always liked sport. In school I was waiting to sport lesson and didn't mind get absent from other lessons but not from sport, and sometimes participated in running races. By 15 I joined a gym with a friend. That was 20 years ago, we were girls and that was the most hardcore gym in Bat Yam. I didnít get the proper training and nutrition guidance and of course did many mistakes as a beginner. Ever since, I got hooked. I started competing after I met my husband, a competitive bodybuilder who was preparing for his contest, I accompanied him through the diet, tanning backstage and his win, and that attracted me. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could actually take my body to the next level of fitness.

Transitioning from off-season to in-season was terrible and too extreme. From crazy binge eating and too many redundant calories - to strict contest diet. But with time I learned to balance and control myself between season and off season and maintain a superb physique all year long. For me, what helps me is sticking to the menu, giving 100% and committing myself to the process. I'm lucky that with my crazy tendency to gain fat, I gain muscle so easily. This year for instance, during prep for Physique division my coach fought to reduce my muscle and get smaller because I've constantly gained unwanted muscle mass. I could easily switch to Bodybuilding category but we didnít want it.

I've tried all diets out there. Not eating at all Ė doesnít work an unhealthy. Zero carbs diet Ė radical and doesnít help. An ideal diet for me was 60 to 80 grams of carbs daily including veggies, it's difficult to train hard this way but itís all in the head and everything is possible!

I took Lipo 6 fat burner but it affected me negatively, so I had to do 14 hours of aerobics per week without magic pills or shortcuts. Strong diet followed with two hour of stepper every day.

My weight training is fairly similar in the on and off season, pre contest I added more aerobic exercises and changed the diet. I weight lift 6 days a week for 1 hour a day. Every muscle receives attention and trained separately. It may sound funny since I am known for big arms and calves but for more than 3 years I haven't trained them at all! They are big and I want to keep proportions.

My contest-prep coach during the last 1 1/2 year is Dror Erez from Dallas, Texas. A very professional guy (he is actually a pilot), who coaches many people for competitions. Besides the knowledge he has imparted upon me, he taught me many significant lessons about life! I thank him every day for the mental changes I achieved through bodybuilding and realizing what is really important in life. All the prep was done through emails and pictures in WhatsApp and it worked great.

What pushes me harder and makes me strive to become the best is the fact I'm married to IFBB Pro bodybuilder Maor Zaradez. I have an example of a man with willpower and iron discipline. He is incredibly determined and never gives up, always supports me and encourages me also during breaking points. Without him, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today.

Future plans are to stay lean and ripped during off season as well. Continue training as much as I can! And of course the fire inside me to compete will never extinguish but at the moment I must dedicate myself to my husband and girls.

Maor Zaradez

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Karin Ninio

Karin Ninio

Karin Ninio