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I personally feel that In order to win you need to lose. Yes lose or fail. If you donít, there is nothing to learn from. Honestly the last time I checked thereís not one single person in this world that is perfect. Come with me and read what I mean with that on my experience in my first time ever being on stage at the OCB Cajun Classic for Novice/Open Bikini Competition.

Those of you who know me, know that I used to be super self-conscious and at a certain point in my life had low self-esteem, taking me at least 2 hours just to pick one outfit that I felt pretty and comfortable in. I used to be super skinny with no curbs no nothing. And as I got older I finally started liking the way I looked and became more confident with myself. Then I gained weight and ooo goshh I always felt that I couldnít get it right. And then PUMM I competed in my very first Competition. And not just any competition but a Bikini competition where I have to be super confident about my body because thatís what Iím being judged for! I was excited, nervous, anxious, bubbly-you name it! But I did it I was able to step on stage!

Karen Velasquez
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My "Dream" Goal: Become a PRO.
My "Reality" goal: Place top 3.

So my day starts and I worry about the food that I ate the day before , I glance at my abs every 5 minutes, I knock out some poses every time I have a mirror in front of me , and before you know itís my turn to get a little pumped-up & step on stage. I go to where everyone is applying the tanner touch-ups, glaze, and bikini bite and I stand there super happy because this is finally happening! "Novice Class B ! Youíre up next...LINE UP!!" OMG its time...okay...you got this.

Iím the first one from my class to come out as everyone follows and then we hit our front pose. Good. "Contestants face the rear of the stageĒ

And I already I screwed up because I turned to fast and did not even mark the steps correctly. I just kept turningÖno laughing...no shaking the head..same smile..same demeanor.. As I kept going through my poses I felt better more confident and determined and continued like nothing happened! Than the judges said thank you and just like that Prejudging was over. Time goes by and I stand there and watch the other prejudgingís.

Then I go back again for Open Bikini Class Again. There isnít anything else I can do to change the past, but I will still go up there like I can!! And thatís exactly what I did. I walk out there as if it were the first time I had gone out. Proud, confident and happy. Even though I didnít get my PRO CARD or first place. I felt like I won. Literally- I lost. But I know I won because I can always try again and learn from this journey and make it better. I remember that it was a challenge to step on the stage in the first place but Iím proud because most wonít even make it that far.

Iím not sad that I didnít get first place because if I did Iíd be belittling every single rep, set, grunt, low carb day , etc. that I put myself through. I know everything starts and ends with myself. I make it count and no matter what. I own your placing. So I am damn proud of my 2nd place in Novice & 3rd Place in Open! And I will be damn proud of my next placing & all, because not only did I make it there and learned so much I know what my body is capable of now & I certainly know Iím going in the right direction! & we are going for more!

I suggest all of you to do the same to explore and know your body because what might work for somebody else might not work for you. To drink lots of water, count the macros, stay away from junk food & exercise. Trust me if you do that you will see results! & remember learn to fail but mostly fail to learn.

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