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I started competing after I met my friend, who is also a chiropractor. I was very impressed by her physique and she told me that she was an NPC competitor. After talking with her, my former trainer who also competed, and I got together and she prepared my show prep, diet and workout regimen. I stepped on stage for the first time, eight months later.

My diet does not change much in my off season except for switching out fish for more chicken or red meat. I do not eat fish unless I absolutely have to. My diet still consists of lots of protein, some carbs, fats and veggies. I have found that all of my diets thus far have been effective and I have seen major changes as a result. Honestly speaking, I have never counted the amounts of my calories intake. While prepping for my first show, I was taken off of carbs completely, about six weeks out. That was a big mistake. I felt light headed, could not function and was miserable. It was not a healthy prep so, I ended up eating some carbs without my former trainer's knowledge, just to make it through. It was not effective because the day of the show, I walked on stage looking flat, after all of the hard work I put into that prep.

My training program consists of working each part of my body on different days of the week. Back day is my favorite!! I try to do at LEAST six different exercises per each part of the body. I tend to do super sets starting with light weights to heavy, then heavy to light. Cardio is my least favorite thing to do during my prep. I do HIIT, sprints on a track and plyos. My diet depends on the part of the body I am working that particular day. On an average day my diet is well balanced with protein, medium carbs, low carbs (for the smaller muscles), fats and veggies for my upper body. On leg day I eat high carbs to fuel me since that is the biggest part of the body to work and it takes a lot out of me. After all of my workouts, I refuel by a balanced meal.

My self confidence came from countless individual posing sessions wearing a bathing suit. The more my physique changed, the more confidence built. I liked the way my body was transforming and the heels were just an added bonus!!

At the 2016 NPC USA'S in Vegas, I had a wonderful experience!! Check-ins went fast and smoothly and the staff and competitors were nice and friendly! The day of show, was a long waiting period since there were so many competitors. We waited at LEAST two hours before the Figure division went on stage. Although the wait was long, prejudging went good as well. They lined us up, we all walked out on stage, then escorted us off. Next, they escorted us back on stage to do our individuals, for the judges to judge/score our physiques. That evening before finals, we had the competitors meeting explaining rules, etiquette, sportsmanship, etc. The finals went very well!!

Thus far in this sport, I have met some really nice competitors which we all have cheered each other on and no matter the outcome, we're having fun, show casing our physiques for the spectators, judges, families, friends and the world to see!! Being an athlete is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!!! You have to be committed, dedicated and love doing it. There are days when you just want to relax, eat whatever you want and break from it all however, during your prep to be the BEST YOU, you can possibly be (physique wise), you have to keep at it and have a GOOD SUPPORT TEAM.

I say this because it is easy to fall off but when you have the right people in your circle, they WILL hold you accountable. One of the most IMPORTANT things to remember is that we CHOOSE to do this sport so as in anything else, stay committed, have fun and remember to ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE!!!

I plan on competing as a pro sometime later this year. I am training hard so, I will see where it takes me. I would love to compete at The Arnold or Olympia someday however, I am just BLESSED to have had the experience of being an amateur competitor, go on to the NPC Nationals, win my class and earn my pro card!!

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