Kamila Rzeszowska - Physique Competitor

Kamila: I exercise actually ever since. I am a very active person and can not keep to sit in one place. Preparations for the competitions I started exactly a year ago, pushed, by my dear friend Robert Czanocki, who already had experience in competitions and always saw the potential in me.

Before preparing my diet was very modest, limited to a maximum of two meals a day, low in carbohydrates. So at the beginning belonged to build muscle mass, which just does not present a problem, because I have a very good genetics. The most difficult was eating 5-6 meals a day, it was very heavy. Meals were rich in protein and vegetables. I am a person who does not like sweets, so I had no problem with the cut sugars. 12 weeks before the competition I began reductions and don't eat any dairy products like milk or cheese. Number of meals was the same, but the quantities were limited, and particularly the carbohydrates. Out of season I try to eat fairly clean, although sometimes allow myself to unhealthy food). In addition to protein-carbohydrate diet, after first comp I tried diet with only fat: oil, pork, meat and without carbs (no rice, pasta, bread), but I finished faster than I began. Greasy food at some point induced nausea in me.

As for supplementation... on building muscle mass I take protein isolate in the form of shake, and drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil at bedtime. Before and after the training I have a portion of BCAA.

In a competition that took place in April in Waterford (Spring Classic in 2014) took 1st place and Overall. 1 week later, also in Cork, then 1st place in Fitness Extravaganza in September and 2nd place in October in Limerick. The next race is the Spring Classic in 2015 and after them a trip to the European Championships in Spain.

Before the first start in the competition completed a course on personal trainer by Lukasz Kazimierczak (Futurebody), which is the world champion in bodybuilding from 2013.
Further objects certainly nominate European Championship.

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Kamila Rzeszowska

Kamila Rzeszowska