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I've always been into fitness, and at the time before I wanted to compete, I was in a tough relationship and it caused a lot of stress mentally and physically and I really wanted to do something to change myself. It wasn't a self confidence related issue, it was just that I needed to "renew" myself. I knew I wanted to shed the extra weight but never understood a "diet plan" or "macros" so I was doing some research and met up with a girl who was competing last October in 2015 and I fell in love with her accomplishments and what she was doing so I found a coach and got started right away with a regular fat loss-muscle gain diet plan. My goal was to compete this year in June 2016 and that's what I prepped for since August 2015. So I guess you can say that I've been dieting strictly for more than a year.

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I haven't had an off season yet this year, I've been in contest prep mode since February. But in the off season, you can have more calories and have more carbs because in the off season, thats where you grow in strength and in muscle. You can have cheat meals to help fuel your body and metabolism. But the most effective diet plan to lose weight from my experience would be a carb cycling diet. Once you're on a prep diet for a competition, you're calories and meals are more strict. This was my first year competing and I've done everything my coach has told me to do. He actually knows my body better than I do, and so far his plan for me has worked from show to show. I haven't had a plan that has failed.

I weight train 5x a week, with 2 rest days. But I perform cardio everyday, 2x a day. I usually do the stair master and increase my intensity as I go. Fitting in meals and training is hard at first because I'm also a college student and I work 2 jobs, but once you get use to a routine it's easier to fit your meals into your schedule.

I was a competitive dancer for 15 years so I am familiar with the stage and I'm familiar with that atmosphere so I've never had a problem with self confidence. I love the attention, the spot light, and the most importantly the whole reason I'm on that stage is to show off all my hard work so I love that.

Well, my first show ever was back in June 2016, and it was a great experience overall. I was excited about stepping on stage for the first time and didn't really expect anything when I was placed 2nd in my Bikini Novice Class B and 3rd in Bikini Open B. I was so happy because I knew all my hard work had paid off. The next day I was still on cloud 9 that I knew I wanted to do another show and I jumped right back into a contest prep diet.

Future plans include finishing up the 2016 year with my 3rd show which is Easterns USA and then taking a nice long off season to grow and come back in 2017 and hopefully step on a national stage! I would love to earn my pro card at such a young age! The sky's the limit.

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