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It wasn't until I got serious about bodybuilding that I decided to look into competing. I had been training for about a year when I began researching local gyms, prep coaches, and the entire process of competing. I found a gym close to my house and consulted with a prep coach and dove in head first without exploring other options. It was a rough start and I ended up switching coaches after two weeks (and they have been the absolute best!!) but I did finally find a great pair of coaches who have put my goals and health first.

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I began my first official off season two months ago. As a newer competitor, I wasn't really aware of how quickly your body can change once u start eating more calories. I rebounded pretty quickly, however I have finally found my balance. During prep, my diet consisted mostly of egg whites, grilled chicken, lean steak, and LOTS of veggies. Now that I'm in my off season, I'm enjoying yummy salads, fruits, and more (clean) carbs. I have also found that going low carb definitely allowed me to lean out closer to my shows.

My first coach gave me a very cookie cutter meal plan. I was incredibly low energy and I dropped weight way too fast. I feel that going too low calorie too quickly is the main reason that this happened & it taught me a very important lesson.

I can definitely say that as an ED survivor, it definitely took time for me to develop the confidence to walk across that stage. When I finally decided to commit to competing, I was probably the most confident I had ever been in my life. Choosing to compete was not only something I did to push myself but I also wanted to prove to myself that I was capable of anything I put my mind to. I knew that the shy, weak, and intimidated girl I was three years prior would be amazed with how far I came.

In prep, my typical day began at 4 am to hit 45 mins of fasted cardio. Then I'd lift around 2 & I was back at the gym at 8pm to do another 45 mins of cardio. I made three trips to the gym EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now I train (lift) for an hour and hit 20 mins on the step mill right after :)

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My first show (about 4 months ago) was an experience like no other. I had worked so hard and there were so many times that I questioned why I was putting myself through what seemed like hell... BUT from that very first moment I stepped on stage, I immediately knew why. Later that night at finals, I had won my class and I still can't even begin to describe the rewarding feeling I had.

Being an athlete affects my life on a daily basis. I can definitely say that I look at food, macros, and training differently than I ever have before. I am more cautious about what I put into my body. I fuel my body with plenty of yummy and healthy foods in both my off season and prep. Being an athlete has also affected my social life drastically. I spend a good amount of time in the gym and while I was in prep, I lost a lot of friendships. I've come to the conclusion that this is normal and it's okay. Sometimes, you just have to put your own goals above everything else.

I plan on beginning my second prep in January 2019!!! I will be hitting the national stage next year and I plan on chasing my pro card. I'm very excited to see what's to come and I can't wait to be on that stage again :)

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