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I decided to start competing after going to and watching multiple of my brotherís bodybuilding competitions. I had always wondered how it would feel to step on stage and show everybody what hard work and dedication can achieve. My brother is actually my coach which is very unique. He coaches about 25 competitors and when I mentioned that I finally wanted to take part in this lifestyle he welcomed me to the team with open arms.

My diet from off-season to pre-contest doesnít change too drastically. In my off-season as I am trying to bulk I am able to eat more portion wise, but the types of food typically stay the same. Pre-contest I am eating more lean meat as opposed to off-season where I am able to consume some proteins with higher fat content such as ground beef. Carbs are cut more as well leading up to the competition compared with when I am trying to bulk. I wasnít supposed to step on stage until Mid-October, but in the middle of May my coach asked me if I wanted to complete a four week prep and compete a month later because I was way ahead of schedule. A four week prep is shorter than most, as the usual prep is 12-16 weeks.

I havenít tried any types of diet plans such as IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) or anything in that category. My diet plan has been the same with it being strictly laid out for me by my coach in a spreadsheet. Inside that it tells me on exactly what to eat and how much. I consider it a fun game, seeing myself gain mental strength by eating so strictly.

My training program alters when I am preparing for a competition or when I am off-season. During off-season I typically hit cardio 3-4 times a week, while also training a specific targeted muscle group every day. When I am prepping for a show, I complete fasted cardio every morning along with post-training cardio after every muscle training session. It is easy for me to manage my training with my diet because I meal prep for about four days at a time. That way everything is set and ready to go, and I donít think about grabbing anything I am not supposed to. Also with the way I look at it, if I am putting so much time and effort into my training I want to be able to achieve my goals by sticking to my diet.

As far as confidence goes, I was in a performance dance company for twelve years and I also did cheerleading all throughout school. I have always felt very comfortable stepping on stage in front of people. This was different though because you are walking in a bikini, being judged on every little component about your body. The way that I looked at it was that I knew I brought and gave it my best. I knew that I was thrilled with the way that my body reacted and I was proud of myself for the training and dedication that was put in. Knowing that I did my absolute best made me more confident with the package I brought to the stage.

My previous competition was actually my very first competition. During the athlete check-in my nerves were extremely high. I was in a room with all of these amazing athletes and we all had one thing on our mind, bringing our best to the stage. I entered into two classes both Bikini Teen and Bikini Open Class B. Bikini Teen was before the open class so I was able to get all of my nerves out the very first time I stepped on stage. By the time I went out for open I was enjoying myself and having a great time. Finals was my favorite part of the entire night. The feeling backstage was different and I enjoyed how we got to do our own routine for everybody. I walked away from finals with two trophies, getting placed in both of the classes I competed in. I couldnít have asked for more given a four week prep and my very first competition.

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My future plans for this year include competing in one to two shows in October. After that I plan to take an offseason for a few months and bulk up so that I can come back even better next summer. Myself, along with most in this sport, yearn to compete at the national level and eventually get my pro card. With myself only being 19, I am very excited for my future in this sport as I have started off early.

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