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Justine: I started competing in 2009 in the Figure division. I had been working out consistently and with specific goals/purpose from 2000 (after I had my 3rd daughter) and knew I could tweak things a little more to get into "competing" condition. I was in the process of picking which show I would enter when I met my husband. He was a great motivator; he encouraged me every step of the way!

From my first show in 2009, up until May 2013; I set up my own diet and training program. Gathering info from competition prep websites (like www.modelsobserver.com), reading ALOT and picking the brains of other competitors/coaches; my pre-contest diet started about 16 weeks out and was a pretty standard fat loss diet. (Chicken breast, Lean turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oats, lots of veggies, gallon+ of water). For figure, my off-season diet remained pretty clean and under control so that I did not have a lot of fat to try to burn off for next show. Unfortunately, my peak week was so LOW carb and sometimes NO CARB, it was a little rough but all in all, for figure shape and conditioning- it served me well!

When I moved to the Women's' Physique division in 2013; I knew I needed to change my training and diet to allow for a little more muscle growth. My off-season diet was very clean but I bumped up my total daily calorie intake with more lean protein and complex carbs. I was very uncomfortable gaining weight as I had always remained within 10 lbs of competing weight for figure. But I had faith and new that in Jan 2014 I would start training with IFBB Pro Brian Smith (www.ifbbprobriansmith.com) to get in crazy condition for this year! Brian wrote my diet/supp/training this time and actually lowered my protein a bit and gave me more complex carbs than I was eating before. This was so that I could still support a little muscle growth while leaning out. It worked like a charm!

I've never tried any off-the-wall, super restrictive prep diets. I do think my "peak week" of only fish and veggies and then one day of ONLY fish was a little unwarranted. My muscles got really flat during that period and I was very fatigued with 0 carbs. Every one is different and responds differently so it's good to experiment a little.

The weight loss supplements that I would not do without: Hades Fat burner from Immortal Labs which I take first thing in the morning before fasted cardio, Green Tea Extract, CLA Pro-Cut, and ALOT of sugar free gum! I use these in doses throughout the day with my meals. I chew sugar free gum almost constantly- it tricks my brain into thinking I'm chewing food/eating. And, I can not forget ...LOTS of ice cold, filtered or spring water! The colder the better, as your body has to burn calories just to warm it up to body temperature to utilize it!!!

For training, my off-season consists of heavier weight, lower volume and usually a pyramid of 12 reps down to 6 or 8 reps, increasing the weight with each set. This really worked well for me last fall to gain some extra muscle for 2014. My split changes a little here and there depending on which muscle groups need some extra attention but a typical week looks like this:
Tues- Back (heavy)/Shoulders (light)/Calves
Wed- Chest/Abs
Thurs- Hamstrings/Glutes/Calves
Fri- Back (light)/ Shoulders (heavy)/ Abs
Sat- Arms
Sun- Legs

My contest prep training is usually same split but progressively goes to higher reps and lighter weight. Fasted morning cardio for 40 min- 1 hr plus a second round of interval bike cardio for 20 following weight workout.

Since I do work full-time at a dental office, I walk out the door every morning with my all my food, water, supplements and training gear for the day so I can go straight to gym after work and I don't miss a beat on anything. My work schedule varies from day to day so I have to kind of work backwards from the time I know I will get to the gym. I plan my pre-workout drink and all meals/supplements timing is worked backwards from that point. It's quite mind-consuming when each day of the week is different- you can't "fall into" a set schedule. I just think of it as a huge guessing game for my body which gives me better results. (placebo effect... )

My future plans are to win my NPC Pro Card in Women's Physique. I fell a little short of that this year at the JR. USA's in South Carolina and again at Jr. Nationals in Chicago but I made huge improvements to my legs and glutes this year working with Brian Smith so I'm ecstatic about my progress. Now that my legs are where I need them to be; I'll focus on back/shoulder width to improve my V-taper. I'm most likely done competing this season and will give em hell next June at Jr. Nationals again or possibly Masters Nationals....since I am 40 now!
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