Julie Skorepova - Bikini Competitor

Julie: I have played sports for almost all my life. I played tennis, handball, soccer and did Tae Kwon Do. For ten years now you can find me in the gym. I started working out because when I was a teenager I was a little bit overweight. My mom worked at a gym so I could get a free membership. Very soon I was addicted. I have always loved working out, but I never got the body I really wanted. A fit, toned and ‘perfect’ body. For me it is all or nothing. Or I did nothing except eating unhealthy things, or I did too much like almost eating nothing, doing cardio for hours and worked out like three times a day.

But I never was satisfied and really unhappy. I started to ask myself what the reason was for not having that ‘perfect’ body. But now, years later, I know it wasn’t about a fit body. It was all about my mindset. At First I wanted to be skinny. I thought that was beautiful. I also thought I could accomplish that with eating little and cardio only. I didn’t eat any carbs, fats, tried diet pills and although those got me very sick, I didn’t changed my lifestyle. I thought that was the best way to achieve my goal to be skinny.

When I meet my boyfriend, he talked a lot about lifting and competitions. At First I got very excited… I love competitions, so where could I sign myself in. But then he showed me some of the ‘famous’ girls. I didn’t like the bikini girls. Too muscular. But when time passed by, my perception of beauty changed. Don’t get me wrong: I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. But my perception changed about I want to see myself when I look in the mirror. From skinny I wanted to see myself fit, with muscles and I wanted to get stronger. So one day I thought, because being VERY competitive and all, ‘What the ****,’ and I registered myself for a competition. That was in April this year. Now we are 7 months further and I have already competed in two bodybuilding competitions where I placed top 5. Both days were very awesome! However it takes a lot of patience, because you are waiting for hours till you have to show yourself off on stage. And let’s not talk about the nerves you feel on stage when you see the judged judging you. Working out for getting that kick ass hot body is one thing, but presentation, posing on stage is another. Posing is such a huge and important aspect from bikinifitness. If you can’t do that, you should not compete.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you will lose weight by not eating. I always thought that. Could I have ever been more wrong? Yes because I also thought that doing hours of cardio will bring me my dream body. My coach taught me to eat more, like 6 meals a day (Carbs, Fats AND Protein), and limited my cardio to two times a week. I was shocked what healthy Foods (but a lot of them) and lifting weight could do with my body. I was also shocked what it actually means to be a bikini competitor. At First I thought: ‘I will do this.. No problem.’ But this sport is very hard. Not only physically, but mentally even harder. You will learn so much about yourself. Every person who is thinking about competing should ask themself how far they are willing to go. I got to cancel a lot of parties, plans with friends, went to bed early, spend a lot of money (bikini, coach fees, competition fees, gym memberships (yes I got two), tanning, food and so on). I didn’t drink any alcohol for over half a year.

Once a week I could eat whatever I wanted. The other six days I was on a strict diet where I weighted my carbs, protein and fats. 30 grams of oatmeal in the morning, 125 grams of protein for lunch… and so on. Every day it was all about going to the gym and food. All the other aspects in your life will get less important. Weird, but true. A few days a week I prepped my food, so when I had to work I didn’t had any excuses to eat something else. It is all about preparation and having the right mindset. I am currently bulking (eating above maintenance) and lifting heavy for March next year. Next to that I am practicing posing a lot. I am doing everything to kill it next year. Is it worth it? Yes it is.

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Julie Skorepova

Julie Skorepova

Julie Skorepova