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I started bodybuilding when I was 18 years old and started getting serious into competitions just recently. I had a show December 2nd 2017 down in San Diego California in the women's physique division best experience I have ever had. Bodybuilding is my passion and my lifestyle, I dedicated my whole life to bodybuilding and take it very serious. It is my therapy and career.

Throwback to 4 days after my competition on December 2nd 2017. I canít wait to see the package I bring this August 4th 2018. I can say one thing, Iíll be a lot more shredded than my last show with a lot more growth! Letís get it! Super stoked for shred this May! ???? #bambricksquad #hollidaybam #prim8te #npc #physique #hustlehard #stayhumble #instafresh #bodybuilding #mealprep #gainz #instadaily #motivation #dedication #dailylook #inspire #life #happiness #inspiration #picoftheday #follow #instagood #instastyle #instagood #igers #photooftheday #instalike #instamood

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My diet in off season contains a lot more calories for growth because every off season there is more improvement that needs to be made so I bulk for a good few months then pick a show date and get into pre-contest prep. The calories in pre-contest prep is dropped a lot more due to weight being cut and being able to see more detail all over the body.

One of the competition diets I have tried before that failed me and never worked was being on a low calorie meal plan for 3 months straight and doing the double amount of cardio then what was needed. I was on about 1,200 calories for "maintaining muscle mass" and trying to "Shred" at the same time. This diet did not work for me at all and only did me worse. I lost all my muscle size and fat as well but I looked unhealthy and felt unhealthy. So low calorie diets for a long period of time does not do my body well at all.

I build the self-confidence to step on stage because all the days of training and hard core dieting paid off and I feel like I deserve to step on that stage and show what I have been working for. I am very confident with every package I bring to the stage every competition I enter.

My training is both powerlifting and bodybuilding I do powerlifting in my off season for more growth and still do bodybuilding movements to stay symmetrical. When I get into contest prep I don't do as much powerlfiitng because I would like to prevent injury so I stick to mostly bodybuilding movements. My calories in off season are made for powerlifting since it is such heavy weight hence the reason why I do powerlifting for the growth and when my calories are cut I do more bodybuilding for the sculpting part of it.

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My last show show I felt actually really good! the last couple of weeks were harder do to calorie cut but since I was so strict with myself on the contest prep I got a lot more cheat meals that were well deserved. Coming into check ins were very exciting I just wanted to be on stage already because of how hard I have worked I felt amazing, prejudging was amazing I was a little nervous but a good nervous I work hard to get to every competition that I enter so all I can do is my best and show the judges what I have and after the finals weather I win or lose I will always have a different emotion depending on how I did. My last show I didn't win overall but it gives me fire to always do better so its a love and hate feeling. I always want to beat myself every show, I am only in competition with myself.

Being an athlete can be difficult at times, I get looked at very often and judged for having the muscle mass that I do. I get stared at every where I go but I don't let it bother me, I am human being and every one is different I know what I work for and I train VERY hard and take my diet VERY seriously. I love the body I have cerated and its only going to keep getting bigger and more shredded. I am the only one that lives in my body so I am going to sculpt it however I want. I will bring my meals with me EVERYWHERE I go and I get judged and stared for that as well but it's part of what I do for a living so I don't mind it one bit. People will say what they want but it's not effecting me at all in the long run. I am in this for myself and to help inspire and motivate others.

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My future plans are to get my pro card in the women's physique division and one day step stage on that Olympia stage. I want to be able to leave this world but know that I had a huge impact on people that they looked up to me and that I can inspire so many people to keep doing what they truly love and help them stay motivated.

Email: juliajanaye@hotmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.physique

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