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In June 2013 I started to go to the gym and get on a diet to lose a total of 35 kg (77 lbs). I knew nothing about nutrition or training and just did 3 Ė 4 hours of cardio a day and a crash diet. My body was screaming for food and after a month I knew I had to eat more if I wanted to keep doing my cardio. After a little over 6 months I lost the 35 kg and started to ďliftĒ some weights. I was hooked the minute I started to lift. Offcourse I didnít knew much about what I was doing, but it was a start. I started to read everything about the way your muscles work and good exercises to build more muscle.

After a while a couple trainers in the gym told me to consider competing in fitness competitions. Thankfully I had the right friends who were able to help me get in contact with the right people. In october 2014 I got in contact with coach and all time competitor Marjolein Schilperoort. She wanted to help me get ready for my first competition. I was very insecure and when I was in the right shape, it still took me till october 2015 to get mentally ready for my first competition. So when I won my first figure competition I wanted more of that. After that I took some time off to build more muscle and come back with a better shape.

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In October last year I did two competitions but I had to switch from figure to women's physique. I placed second in both competitions. I got invited to compete in Miss Universe competition last november. Unfortunately I had to compete in the Bodybuilding division cause I was 1 kilo too heavy for the figure division. Iím happy to say that I still made it to the finals and placed 5th in this amazing hard division with 16 other bodybuilders.

Diet and Training

In my prep there is no time to play around. Iím completely focused and just have my eye on the price. Up to 6 weeks pre contest I have one or two cheatmeals in the weekend but during the 6 remaining days of the week I just have to eat exactly what my coach tells me and leave the cookies offcourse. During off season I give my body and mind some time to relaxe and to heal. That doesnít mean I donít eat my protein and donít give my muscle the food they need. It just means that Iím not too strict when it comes to eating a cookie or a cake or something.

From the start of my bodybuilding journey I found that my body responds really good to rice. Itís not just important for building more muscle but also to lose the fat and water. So it doesnít matter whether Iím off season or in prep, rice is key in my diet. The only difference is that I take smaller portions when Iím closer to my competition and I eat more chicken and eggs.

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In the past when I started my bodybuilding journey I wanted to eat as little as possible and drop all the carbs and fat. I thought that would make me lean and lose the fat for my competitions. It looks a lot like the atkins diet, witch I tried for a while. I was extremely tired all the time, couldnít stay focused, was dizzy very often and so on. When my coach found out she explained to me that this diet was very dangerous and not done for a bodybuilder and i twill only give you a soft look cause your muscles donít have enough food to fill up. It may be so that you will lose the fat but it will also cause your muscles to beakdown and damage your body. It is an unhealthy way to lose weight and sometimes it really can be dangerous. So my advice, if you donít know what youíre doing, donít do it! Offcourse you need your protein but thatís not all your body needs. Even in your prep your body needs a balanced nutrition plan.

I have a 4 day training program during off-season and a 3 day training program when Iím in prep. During off-season I like to do cardio fora bout five times a week and 20 Ė 30 minutes at the time. In prep that can go up to 90 minutes a day. It depends on my physique and how far I am from that point where I need to be. I donít mind doing cardio cause it gives me some time to reflect on myself and I know for a fact that cardio is a must if you want to have that crazy physique for stage. During off-season my diet doesnít change that much when I train sertain bodyparts but in prep I eat more carbs when I have to train my legs. Not throughout the whole day but just my meal right before I go to the gym so thatís at 18:00 oíclock. If I donít eat more on legday for sure Iíll feel a lack of energy.

On Stage

During the years before I started bodybuilding I was very insecure and just hated the way my body looked. Cause of the overweight I convinced myself that I would never look the way I wanted to look. Even when I started lifting and people complimented me with my progress, it was very hard to accept the compliments.

My closest friends helped me to build my self-confidence just by being there for me when I was going through a hard time. I changed my attitude from being the girl who could only criticize herself to the girl that was proud of what she achieved. That doesnít mean Iím not hard on myself but I just learned to love myself and be happy with everything I do. Offcourse I love to practice my posing and my routine. It really builds my self-confidence if I see the progress in my physique and see that my presentation is on point. It doesnít matter if Iím at work, at home, in the gym, in the streets. I listen to my routinesong all the time, practice my routine every single day and just life by it.

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I have to be honest with you. The attitude I show on stage is more or less 80% self-confidence and 20% acting. If you want to shine and stand out you have to constantly say things to yourself like ĎIím just here to collect my award!í ĎI know Iím the best and non of you can beat this!í. People donít see what happens in the weeks pre-contest. They only see what you show on stage. That moment when you're on stage, youíve got to give it all you got! I learned that Ďthe body achieves what the mind believesí.

I remember my last competition in Holland as if it was yesterday. I was really nervous when I got to the theater and we had to wait for a very long time before we had to go on stage. I was just listening to my music all the time and was trying not to pay any attention to the other competitors. I just wanted to have complete focus on myself, my physique and have no distractions. As time passed I started to relax some more and started to just enjoy every moment.

As we were waiting in line to get our number and to give our music for the posing routine, it felt like gold. I was nervous but still I felt like I was on top off the world and no one could take that feeling away from me.

The next thing I know I was backstage getting ready for stage. I was there with all these beautiful girls who fought to get where they were at that moment. I knew I had giving it my all and just couldnít wait to go on stage and just shine like never before. Thatís a feeling you canít even discribe to someone who has never experienced that before. Finally when I got up on stage everything around me just disappeared and it felt like it was just me up there. I was so happy and knew at that point it was worth all the tears in the past weeks.

Future plans: Offcourse I hope that in the near future I will win more international competitions and offcourse will be able to compete at the Arnold Classic and more competitions like that. I also hope that I can move to an other country like the US or Spain cause I really feel that Holland is too small for me and I feel you have more oppertunities up there. Next to that I just want to spend the rest of my life with the man I love, stay healthy and enjoy every moment of my life.

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