Julia Champlin - IFBB Figure Pro

2019 NPC Jr.Nationals Women's Figure Overall Winner
A new IFBB Pro

Experiences and feelings from the contest
Julia: A national show is much more organized than most local shows, I felt calm and positive after getting checked in so smoothly. I hardly slept the night before pre-judging. Usually, the night before I show I sleep really well because I am so exhausted, however, this time was different. I didn't sleep much because I was nervous though, I was just really excited to get up there in the morning!

During pre-judging, they called my number first for first callouts and kept me in that center box. They only called out four, instead of 5 girls so I couldn't be 100% positive that I was going to take first (since no one was technically dead center, but I felt in my heart that finals the next day were going to go really well!

During finals, I still had that uncertainty that I was going to take 1st, so I was still a little nervous. When they announced me as the winner of Figure class E, I was completely ecstatic! When they compared everyone for the overall, I was in a whole different universe at that point, I was so excited that I had earned my pro card, I didn't really know what was going on during the overall, I was in a whole different universe! I had no clue during the overall that I was even in the middle. When they announced the overall winner, I was so surprised! Such an incredible moment!

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- Prep
Every prep is different. This time around, my coach did a lot of research on my blood type and worked with foods that my body would respond best to. Weekly we were able to reach the goals we intended. During my offseason, I power lift. This is what really built my foundation and density to my muscles. During prep, I start to lower the weight and increase rep ranges, we also did more cardio this season that I have ever done before. Altogether, this brought out my best conditioning.

- Challenges during the prep
This prep was the smoothest I have had. However, at about 3 weeks out, I had a lot of digestion issues, which I think were caused a lot by stress from balancing work and prep and my body just being tired from the previous weeks of prep. I held on to a lot of water at that point, and I and my coach really had to ramp everything up to flush that water out and get my body working again. We were able to pull it all together just in time!

- How does being an athlete affect your whole life
It is MY WHOLE LIFE. Since I have been doing this for a few years now, my family and friends are much more understanding of the process that I am going through. When I am in prep, that is my main focus. I tend to shut down my social life and I always put my training first. Luckily I have amazing support from my family and friends and they are patient with me during prep and let me train.

- Future plans
I plan to take some time off and improve. I would like to add some more muscle to some lagging areas before I make my pro debut. I'm not one to rush into a show, I want to have a strong pro debut!

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==== Previous Feature (2017) ====

In the beginning of my fitness journey I never would have pictured myself competing. Before I got into bodybuilding I was mostly a runner. I started lifting to help strengthen my body for long distance running. As time went on, I got stronger and started to notice the way my body was changing. I noticed other girls at my gym who competed and I realized that I too had the potential to compete. I did some research on the process and a couple years later finally decided to make the decision to step on stage.

During my off-season I compete in power lifting, so my diet changes dramatically. In order to lift heavy and train as a power lifter my calories and carbs are high. Pre-contest I slowly start to take away my carbs and utilize fat sources for energy instead.
My last diet plan stated off with a lot of calories and carbs, by the time I was weeks out I was under 1,000 calories with around 40 grams of carbs. I didn't really start carbing up until the night before my show. Once show day arrived, I was too flat and depleted. Next time around I would like for my muscles to look a lot fuller.

Another 1st place victory last night! I busted my ass this prep and couldn't be happier ??. Feelin like a CHAMP . . . . . #bodybuilding #dedication #fitness #fitlife #fit #fitfam #training #gym #bodybuilder #girlswithmuscle #npc #gymrat #hardwork #strength #flex #motivated #fitspo #lift #weekend #figurecompetitor #powerlifter #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #motivation #swole #strong #npcfigure #figure #strongisthenewsexy

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I believe in lifting heavy! Heavy lifting is what is going to get your muscles to grow and power lifting is what has helped me gain the size I need. For cardio, I do HIIT training in my off season and at the beginning of prep, once I start getting closer to a show I increase my cardio, but I do more low-intensity.

I have terrible stage fright. What gets me up on stage is remembering all the hard work I put in for months for that moment. Once you realize that you only have a couple minutes on stage to show off what you worked so hard for so long for, then you realize you better make it count and WORK IT!

I recently did a show in Wisconsin and was completely blown away by the experience. It was so organized. There was no line at check-ins. During pre-judging there was a suit designer back stage to help the girls adjust their suits and glue them in. Pre-judging was done in less than 2 hours. Finals were smoothly ran and at the end the promoters baked treats for all of the competitors!

Being an athlete is my life. When I am getting ready for a show, that is the only thing on my mind and that is my main priority. It is difficult for my friends and family to understand what I go through with my diet and training, and when I am in prep don't understand why I can't just take a "day off" and go to dinner or something.

I plan on taking at least 6 months to grow a little more before I start dieting. I plan on competing again in the spring. After the spring season I will start to think about getting ready for a national show. Some day I dream of earning my pro card.

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