Joy Langendam - Bikini Competitor

I did start to compete 1 year ago at age 21. I had a few training years and wanted to take my body and mind to the next level. I wanted to see how far I could push myself.

As Iím going from off season to on season I will slowly build off my calories and increase cardio for a period of 16 weeks. When the competition is over I will do the reversed thing, so I will slowly increase calories as Iím slowly decreasing cardio. Iím on a diet according my blood-type, that means I eat products and meals that are described as Ďhealingí for my body. For me thatís salmon, white fish, buckwheat, eggs, sunflower oil etc.
Failed diet: The first competition prep I did no cardio at all. I only decreased my calories, I had to go so low with my calories in order to lose enough fat that I was sleeping all day long. When it was time to go on stage, I did not only lost the fat I had but also all my muscles!

Building self-confidence: I did not haha, I just registered and did it. I think you get self-confidence by doing things out of your comfort zone. You need to love yourself on-season and off-season.

I lift heavy 6 times a week: 2 times legs and calves, 2 times back and biceps and 2 times chest shoulders and triceps. I do abs every other day, because my abs are really flat and only noticeable when Iím 3 weeks out of a competition. Cardio I do at least every day for 20 minutes. I do steady state cardio according to my heart rate.

During competition day Iím very in my own zone. I block everyone out and Iím listening to music until itís time to go on stage. When I enter the stage Iím no longer stressed out. A big smile appears and I have goose bumps everywhere, it feels like Iím born to be on stage. When I'm done with my routine the first thing I do is drink a big glass of water and hug my loved ones.

Right now I compete in the bikini class, but I really want to build my body to a figure competitor. So thatís my game plan for now. When my coach Sibil Peeters aka Grandma thinks Iím ready for it, I will compete again.

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