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Josine: I actually start with sports on a very young age. When I was 12 I became quite serious in Thai boxing and got 5 titles. When I was 19 I had to move to the Netherlands for my studies, which was definitely my priority back then. Finished 3 mayors, kicked off a good career, even started a family (I have a 6-year old son). But the heart wants what it wants, and decided to make a comeback in sports. Fitness was always a very important part of my weekly training back then and being the girlfriend of a bodybuilder, you can imagine that this step was very easily made. So how long am I busy with sports? Whole my life. With bodybuilding working towards shows? Approximately 3-4 years.

Diet: Well, I had different coaches with different approaches. My current coach, Melissa Sarah Wee, believes strongly in high fat and high protein towards my contest. And it worked perfectly for me! Now, offseason, she integrates carbs slowly post-contest and stabilized it after a couple of weeks post-contest.
Building muscle doesn’t only depend on the diet really. I made enormous progress at the start of my prep with (very) low carbs. I think your training schedule/regime makes a huge difference and can/will contribute.

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I think there are different ways to Rome. So what works for me, will not necessarily work for somebody else. So have I had failed attempts? No really, because I’ve learnt so much by knowing my body. Do I prefer a certain way with best results for me? Yes, of course!
There are different approaches, but I don’t think there is a perfect or a wrong way. One might have an opinion about it (be it by own experience, be it scientifically substantiated), but if it works for someone, who are we to judge…

Pre-contest 6 days of training, starting with approximately 3 times cardio per week, morning fasted cardio and gradually increase that amount, time and some days twice a day. Offseason is off course less cardio and mostly focusing on strength and growth. And because it is a way of life, I always try to eat clean, also offseason. But I will admit, I love food! So every Saturday evening is cheat meal!
Do I fail sometimes? Of course!! We are humans, we all fail sometimes! In my prep I am very focused and won’t fall of the wagon easily, but offseason…. Well… let’s call it flexible dieting… I will manage to calculate my macros, but there is some room there.

Self confidence to compete: To tell the truth, it was never a concern. Since my 12th year, I participated in Thai boxing competition, which was usual also very crowded. Also, my believe is, if you really worked hard, and you put in all your effort, your confidence go up anyway, because you know you did everything possible.

Last contest was the end of April, the Dutch Nationals. I remember I was very tired. I competed in the Master and Open Class of the Woman’s Physiques class. I already came out from a previous competition a month earlier. So I was so low and tired and I had to go on the stage 4 times. However, once you stand there, this immense energy takes you over… You kind of remind yourself (in every positive way) that this is the moment you have been working for so hard, left so many thing, all those cardio sessions, all the hunger you feel. Well, the smile will follow immediately and you just enjoy every single second!

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I am hoping to compete next year in the European Championships in Santa Suzanna in Spain. But now I am just working very hard to grow and after my vacation, I will plan everything out. Will definitely be back!

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