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Joni: I was notified by a local photographer that I should try out. Decided to go for it. Glad I did, first two shows I took first place, and the competition bug hit me and I have been at it ever since.

I do a macro-balanced diet. During off season I do a flexible macro diet with higher carbs and less cardio. In-season I lower my carbs and calories slightly. My body needs carbs, I cannot function without it, I don't typically drop carbs much leading into a show or I will go flat. Typical carb intake is 150-180grams and depending on where I am at will keep that even during peak week.
Ineffective diet: Low carb low calorie. This absolutely does not work for me. My muscles went flat, I was super fatigued. This is not a realistic diet, even for most especially for the type of training bodybuilding requires.

I lift 5 days a week, with 2 days of HIIT/Plyo's. I do one reefed a week, typically around the day that I want to focus on a specific body part that I want to build more muscle in.

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Self confidence: It is all about being in competition with yourself, and self improvement. I am my own motivation. I am "inspired" by others, but I motivate myself. This is an "independent' sport. You are on stage competing against others, but this really is all about you as an individual competitor and the journey that you have taken to get where you started until the day you hit that stage.

It can be an emotional rollercoaster leading up to and after a show, especially when you do not place as well as you anticipate. I just completed a show where I felt I should have been top 5. I looked better then I have ever looked, brining my best package to the stage. But after self evaluation and though I do know and see the areas that I need to continue to work on and improve. After resting and evaluation I have set new goals and will continue to move forward in my journey. No matter how you place, what I try and focus on and remember is that the individual that I/you impact and motivate do not care how you place. They are still inspired by you and motivated by you and that encourages them to try harder and live a healthy and fit life. That is what matters, the lives that you impact and touch.

Future plans: Continue to compete, working towards that top 5 placing and hopefully one day hit the Olympia stage.

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