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Jill: My first competition was in 1996. I had been lifting for almost a year when people began telling me I should compete. So I did. It was fitness division. After that I maintained the lifestyle but focused on my degrees, starting a career and family then finally got back on stage in 2008, figure division.

In off season I maintain 5-6 meals but I don't measure my food and I use Quest Bars in emergencies. With contest prep I'm right on 2.5-3 hours, measure all food and eat about 6/7 meals. I find that I respond better with carb cycling. It allows me to get that harder, dryer look for physique. None of my previous plans ever failed. I always came in shape. In figure I needed to be less muscular so I ate less protein and ran more. Didn't really care for that. Now in physique I eat more and barely ever run. I have worked with clients who came to me after having disastrous experience with trainers who starved them and had them do 2 hours cardio daily. That never turns out good.

Jill Vadala

Jill Vadala

My main supplements are whey isolate, Bcaa's, glutamine, multi vitamin, DIM, creatine, and Mega Shredz by Complete Nutrition. I take all of these daily. Post workout I'll take the whey isolate, Bcaa's, glutamine and creatine. At bedtime I'll add ZMA and vitamin D3. Mega Shredz is pretty awesome. It has MCT and coconut oil. Complete Nutrition also has a test booster that I love, "3 Test Oxo" it gives me more strength I lift 6 days a week.

I do high volume training and go for that pump where it feels like my skin will rip. For legs I train them frequently, not for size but to stay conditioned. I'll train them 2 times a week but revisit them a little 1-2 other days too. I try to eat at least 2 good meals before I go to train. I can't ever train fasted and I would never recommend anyone do that. Before I train I like to have my eggs and oatmeal and then some steak and grapefruit.

My future plans are to definitely keep competing until the desire is gone. I still love it so I plan to enjoy this time and enjoy competing as an IFBB pro!

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