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Jill: I started training in the weight room around 1980, at our local YMCA. I had been lifting for many years on my own and was interested in combining the diet & training to produce a different physique, besides just improving strength. I had hired a local trainer for that and she suggested I do a competition, since the process is actually a competition prep of sorts to begin with. I did my first show in 2000. I have continued to compete in a total of 7-8 shows since then, as my “real” (personal, professional) life has allowed. I look to competition as a way to focus my training on specific goals and ongoing improvements, as well as a way to stay involved in the fitness community at a larger scale than just my local gym. I enjoy the lifestyle and have met so many amazing people within it!

I’ve done both keto diets and carb cycling – I find keto diets easiest for day-to-day eating, but I felt carb cycling has always been the most effective in bringing me in tight, w/o coming in too flat or just simply burnt out. I like keto diets for their simplicity, but for me, I think I lost more muscle using this approach for an extended period of time to cover two national-level competitions 1 month apart.

I keep the supplementation fairly simple – decent multivitamin, EFAs, anti-oxidants. Greens powder, depending on the diet I'm using. I’ve cut back on the fat burners/stimulants more over the years as I seem to be getting more sensitive to them as I’ve gotten older. I also focus more on clean foods and less on protein supplements.

Over the years, training has been the constant in my life. It is my personal, private time to work off stress as well as explore personal goals and improvements. I’ve explored a variety of training protocols, but it tends to still fall into per-muscle group training (e.g. 1-2 muscle groups per day, train 4-5 days / week + cardio). More recently I am finding I wish I would’ve done more “functionally correct” training to help strengthen core and keep flexibility and mobility always improving. As you pass into your mid-40s, these things become more important to your overall ability to recover from training. Diet tends to just be what fuels the training – so the quality of the calories you ingest are important. However over time, the taste of chicken has lost its zing LOL!

I’ve been off the stage since 2010 due to a shoulder injury and some ongoing foot problems, however I’d like to get back in stage competing in Women's Physique in 2015.

I can be reached at gondivin@hotmail.com.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jill.theobald.5

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Jill Theobald

Jill Theobald