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After my graduation in police academy in 2011 I hired a coach and told her I wanted to do a fitness model competition. 3 months later I did my first show with IDFA, I was 19 years old and I won my IDFA pro card at my second show. Later on I moved to Alberta for 1 year and competed in bikini with ABBA. When I came back home (Gatineau, Quebec) in 2016, I then started competing with APQ and was focused to get that IFBB PRO CARD!

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What changes the most ON & OFF season for me is the stability and consistency. When Iím on prep I like 5 meals a day. I eat every 3hrs letís say from 8am to 8pm. When Iím off season I go with the flow haha! I eat when Iím hungry simply! My average amount on calories on prep I'd say 1500/day.
High fats doesnít work for me, the keto diet or low carb diet isnít for everyone. We are all different and our metabolism is different. My body fuels on carbs, good carbs.

Training: I focus on weight lifting. I donít or almost donít do cardio ever. This year for the first time I did a little bit of cardio to lean faster but in general I only lift! I normally train everyday when in prep, except if I feel my body needs a break. Iíll actually do yoga 1-2 x week while on prep instead of cardio!

Self-confidence: That has always been my struggle. When I step on stage I have the same feeling as if Iím going to bungee jump! I guess I love that adrenaline rush! The best trick to get the confidence is... practice practice practice and GO! Stepping out of comfort zone is KEY in life!

The athlete check in is one of my favorite moment. Itís when I realize I am not alone doing this, that there's plenty of other humans just like me that sacrificed a lot to be here and that have the same passion as me! The last contest I did was VANCOUVER PRO SHOW as my pro debut... I felt amazing being there with some of the best physiques in the world!

I love being an athlete, the only downside of this sport is while Iím prepping for couple months my social life is a lot less active... also I am a full time health & fitness coach and while Iím prepping I donít have as much energy & patience with my clients!

Future goals: Growing during this off season and working on my weaknesses to come back strong for 2019 season. Now that I have achieve the title I wanted IFBB PRO BIKINI, my main focus is OLYMPIA stage!

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