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I decided competing when I realize I love so much bodybuilding. I normally train so hard and I wanted to try the experience of being on stage with people with the same drive.

My off season diet is as strict as on season, I like the challenge that is hard both ways. Off season I can eat more healthy fats which helps a lot in giving taste to my chicken and fish. Pre Contest diet is so hard, I am allowed to use stevia on the first month but on the second and third no sugar at all. It's mentally challenging but it is a discipline that I love so much. Makes me in control of everything in my life.
The most effective diet for me is carb cycling in off season and carb loading on pre contest. So off season calories vary from 1900 to 3000 and on contest prep varies from 1950 to 1540/1100.

I have tried intermittent fasting and I failed, my window with no food was about 16 hours and the amount I was able to eat was so small, my mood changed completely. I couldn't cope with it. The food on the plan wasn't satisfactory. My carb intake was so little and I felt weak most of my day. Feeling lethargic and not able to train the way I like.

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Off season I like to train more than on season. Off season consists of Double split weight training and one session of 60min of cardio. Sometimes when I add 2 or more exercises I reduce cardio to 45Min. On Season, I add supersets and trisets to my weight lifting routine (I perform once a day) and do abs and cardio (60Min) everyday. In the past I used to do HIIT on my contest prep but I noticed I used to lose a lot of muscle mass, so I do only on off season 4x a week.
When I am carb cycling, on high carb days I do legs (Split into 2 groups: quads, glutes and calves and another day glutes, hamstrings and calves) and back workout and on low carb days I do Chest/Arms and Shoulders

Building the self-confidence: It's practice, and attending as many competitions I can. I pose practice a lot and I practice in front of my parents. They are the best motivator.

I recently came back from my last competition. I had attended 2 in USA. On my first it was very challenging. I was so nervous because all my family was there that my body couldn't stop getting cramps, in fact the worst time so far. Cramps from my neck to my abs and back, any position would be so painful and with that said I wasn't able to hold a position for more than 3 seconds, it simply shows on my face how uncomfortable I was and I felt so down in front of the judges. On the second one I decided to relax and not to worry about it, I trained hard and I prepped the best way possible. The feeling on stage was my best so far. I was so relaxed and confident that to me it was the best experience ever. For both competitions I have won and got qualified for USA Nationals, so now I am taking my preparation to the next level.

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Future plans: Yes, I am focusing on getting the best of the best shape of my life, I got qualified and I have intentions to take 1st place in all the competitions I will attend. My focus is 200% on getting leaner, bigger and confident.
Also working on my online programs, personal training and modeling.

My contact is and my contact number +97455110192. Instagram: @jessicaschillingofficial.

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