Jessica Grudzinski - WBFF Pro Fitness Diva Model

Jessica: I used to dance and ride English jumpers throughout my youth- so I always led a very active lifestyle. Two years ago I began working as a consultant at World health because I wanted to build some muscle but had no idea how to go about doing so. Back then, I was battling anxiety and was in a very negative environment. Well that soon changed- I began training with a trainer, my anxiety fueled my workouts, and I fell in love with lifting. My coach, Kurtis Bills inspired me to compete for my first time at WBFF in Edmonton October 2013. So I dove right in- placing in the top 10 in Diva Bikini. The judges' feedback was that I didn't have enough muscle, so for the next six months I had tunnel vision to Amateurs Worlds in Vegas. Lifting as heavy as possible and in taking as many calories as possible I managed to put on a solid twenty pounds of muscle for WBFF Worlds Amateurs where I recently placed second and earned my pro card! Don't let anybody ever tell you it can't be done.

Last off season, I didn't care how much weight I put on because my priority was to build as fast and efficiently as possible. So I was in taking 4000-5000 calories a day- mainly clean food with cheat meals on the weekends. This time around, I am planning on staying relatively lean (within 10-15 pounds of stage weight) until it's time to diet again, so as of now I'm reverse dieting, (one carb serving per day) and I will be increasing it to three servings a day slowly. Consistency is key for my body but I'm fortunate enough to keep carbs in my diet plan all the way through till stage time!

I have only been with one nutritionist Sanja Malesevich and she has always been dead on with my physique. Clean bulking and dieting with refeed days, minimal cardio until the last stretch pre- competition; one fasted cardio day following my "cheat meal". I like to look very lean on stage and I found that flexible dieting can only get me to a certain point- if you don't suffer a little I think you're probably not going to be lean enough on stage. But everyone is different! That's just what works for me!

Supplement wise- All I ever take is BCAA's during my workout while dieting, make sure to be very consistent with my vitamin intake, and love my Quest bars for a meal replacement!

The training aspect is the easy part for me. I train with my coach 6 days a week and weight train 1-2 times per day. I love to lift as heavy as possible so during the off season I set many strength goals and personal best goals. Last off season my goal was to squat 4 plates (405 lbs) for a solid rep- I ended up squatting 405 lbs for three solid reps. I was able to deadlift 385 lbs. for a single rep in my last off season. So more heavy lifts to come! I can't wait! I I've always On days I weight train more than once I make sure to add an extra protein meal to balance it all out.

I plan on competing & making my Pro- debut at WBFF Pro show in Montreal April 20, 2014. Afterwards, Vegas in August again. Till then the goal is to build 5-10 lbs of muscle in my areas of opportunity and keep my tunnel vision to my goals in check. While inspiring my clients to do the same! Stay motivated everybody!

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Jessica Grudzinski

Jessica Grudzinski