Jessica Buettner - Powerlifter Interview

22 yo Powerlifter, Deadlift WR 2016 Junior IPF Raw World Champ - 72 kg

Author: Jonathan. L, owner - Models Observer
October 2017

1. Tell us about yourself and how long have you been powerlifting?

I have been powerlifting for 3 years. I also am a track and field athlete (thrower) and a type one diabetic.

2. How did you get into it?

I got a high ankle sprain and couldn't pole vault very well so I started lifting more.

3. What are your best lifts?

Deadlift for sure - 210kgs is my best.

4. What is your lifting technique like and how did you develop it?

I like conventional deadlift. I developed my deadlift form from watching and getting advice from other lifters, and I've been changing small things along the way.

5. How do you utilize your diet as a way to maintain your weight while increasing strength? What is your caloric intake?

I usually eat lower carb so I stay fairly lean. Normally about 30% carbs and sufficient protein, and when I'm dieting I eat less than 20% of my calories from carbs in order to cut weight but still maintain muscle to get into the 72kg weight class. My maintenance calories are 3000-3200 and when I'm dieting I usually eat 2200-2500.

6. Please describe your daily/weekly training. Which muscles do you target to improve lifting?

I train for 2-4 hours daily, and have one heavy day for each lift and at least one accessory day for each lift per week. On those accessory days I especially target any muscle groups that might be a weak point in my lifts

Top set of 425lbs/193kg x3. Sugars started to rise mid workout which takes away from strength a bit, but I was just happy to be deadlifting #ilovelift #deadliftsandchill #diabetesanddeadlifts #girlswithmuscle #getitdone #liftheavythings #squat #bench #deadlift #beetus

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7. What were the challenges of coming up as a powerlifter?

Knowing how to go about lifting without a coach (still don't have a coach) so I didn't always know competition rules or what meets to enter/how to enter them.

8. Tell us about some of your most memorable moments in powerlifting so far.

Definitely deadlifting 202.5 kgs for a junior world record in Killeen Texas 2 years ago.

9. Depcik & Williams (2004) found that women who strength-train experience greater reduction in body-image-disturbance than women who do not lift weights. How do you successfully grow your mental strength in addition to physical strength?

Lifting has helped me become more secure with my body. I used to manage my weight by doing large bouts of cardio daily, but it was easy to eat too much and I felt I looked puffy. Lifting has helped me to be leaner without being constantly worried about overeating. I track my macros now, but muscle burns a lot of energy so if I eat too much I'll just eat less the next day, it's become pretty easy for me compared to before.

10. What do you like doing away from powerlifting?

I am a fourth year pharmacy student so right now I am always studying, but I like hanging out with friends and drawing/painting sometimes. Also traveling when I get the chance.

11. What is your favorite motto/quote in life?

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky" - Michael Scott

12. Future goals

I want to deadlift 500lbs, hopefully as a junior this year.

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