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Jessica: It was almost 5 years ago when I made the decision to train for my very first bikini competition. My motivation was based on a few fitness ladies that I had seen online. One being Amanda Adams. I was unhappy with my lifestyle choices and just wanted to challenge myself mentally and physically. 6 months later I competed in my very first show. Ever since then I have been dedicated to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Diet and Training
My diet does change from contest prep to off season just a bit. During contest prep I am extremely strict and follow guidance under my coach Sebastian Zona. He is a firm believer in a very healthy nutrition plan to achieve the desired look of a fitness competitor. I usually eat eggs, chicken, fish and flank steak for protein sources. Off season I donít follow a strict plan but eat very healthy throughout my week. Incorporating more carbs and fats than I might during prep. On the weekends I will have a treat meal or two. I have found that I have done well with a higher fat lower protein diet when my body seems to be at a stand still during prep.

I currently am working on building my strength up during my workouts. This means consuming more food and carbs for fuel. I am working on fewer reps and heavier weight for most of my training days, however I do always keep my body guessing and switch up my program. I usually do minimal cardio if I am not in competition prep. When I do cardio it is usually short HIIT workouts. I keep my diet consistent with my goals which is to maintain a fit physique year round, however if I am not in prep I am more relaxed with my food and enjoy life outside of the gym. Itís a lifestyle!

Jessica Ambeau

Jessica Ambeau
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On Stage
Stepping on stage for the first time was scary and intimidating. Not because I was not comfortable in front of people but more so because I was not sure what to expect. Having a dance/cheerleading background I naturally felt comfortable in front of large groups and love to perform. Every show I improved and absolutely love to shine on stage :)

My experience from my show with the WBFF November 2013 was the year I turned pro in the fitness division. The experience was amazing. For those who donít follow the WBFF this style show requires you to be the ďtotal packageĒ. From your physique, hair, makeup, accessories, suit style and of course the way you present yourself on stage. You need to show up even at the athletes meeting looking your best. This particular show I had about 30 girls in the fitness short division. That is the one thing I love about the WBFF. You get your opportunity to compete against the best bodies in the industry. I turned PRO this show and went on to compete on the Pro Worlds stage in 2014. I did not place as I was up against nearly 70 pro fitness models from around the world. Amazing experience and if you have not yet seen a WBFF show be sure to tune in to Worlds every year on PPV.

My future plans are to compete in my 2nd PRO show this year in 2016. Bringing a very improved physique as I have taken the last year and a half off from competition. This has given me the chance to make changes to my body, build a little muscle. I am excited to see the final product as I will begin to prep soon.

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