Jerry Wheeler - NPC Judge

Author: Jonathan. L, Models Observer
April 2017

1. Hi Jerry, thanks for joining me. So, how did you get involved in fitness? How long have you been judging?

Jerry: I got into the Health & Fitness Lifestyle at a young age, I was 13 years old when I first walked into a gym near where I grew up, I come from a family of bodybuilders and friends. They walked me thru it and I was in heaven and never stopped. I competed at the age of 17 & 18 in bodybuilding and bench pressing body weight for reps at that time, and took first place at each class. I continued to trained and became a Certified Instructor for the City of New York in 1991. Where I earned the position of Instructor Trainer for the City of New York Police Department. Training Law Enforcement Officers, Military Members, NPC & IFBB Pro's. I became an NPC Judge in 2010, after training and passing a year long test.

2. Judging criteria:

Jerry: The sport of bodybuilding represents the balanced musculature development of the physique. The quality of this development is determined by the overall assessment of these three related areas: Presentation, Muscular Development and General Assessment- Symmetry. Judges will judge what's in front of them, regardless if the competitors meet all of the three criteria's. We judge what we see, regardless if the top winner fits the criteria 100%. They would be the best for that show, it doesn't mean they fit the full criteria.

3. Are you able to recognize a champion almost at first sight?

Jerry: Yes, I can see greatness with ease, now that I learned the judging procedure. What is looked for and what is not. Those who have come to me for help in getting their Pro Card, after failing a few times, get their Pro Card after I tell them what they need to change and do, so far I've helped many win their Pro Card.

4. How should a competitor determine whether she is a ready for the stage?

Jerry: What many competitors don't do, they don't find someone who is an NPC official to take a look at them. Many competitors take the word of family and friends, who don't have a clue of what a judge is really looking for. I see people in gym training for a show, and they are not even close to being ready. But their coach will put them on stage. If you ask a competitor, to state the general assessment the judges are looking for, if they can't state what they are, they may not be ready. We do better when we know better.

5. In which division (Bikini, Figure or women's Physique) the variance in judges' scores is the biggest? Why?

Jerry: Female bodybuilding. There is more to look for on female bodybuilders, than we do in bikini or figure. There is a list of things. In which I can't say.

6. What do you feel is the best part of judging a contest?

Jerry: Wow, Each judge is different, I enjoy being true to the sport and to the competitors, I always give good feedback right away when asked for it. I never sugar coat my comments. They are not to hurt anyone's feelings. It's to help them do better the next time on stage. Some take it as if I am putting them down, when in fact I'm helping them.

7. What posing mistakes you commonly see?

Jerry: Some competitors don't put enough time in their posing, or they go to someone for help who does not have a clue in what they are doing. For the females, some of them move around on stage way too much, or they stand the wrong way, their presentation is a mess. Doing more or moving around on stage is not making them look any better. They should just do the pose and hold it. They should walk normal, and let their body move in a natural way. These days I find everyone is a posing coach, teaching the wrong way to pose.

8. What advice would you give to a first-time competitor?

Jerry: First Timers should go to a local show and just sit back and watch, take notes and have any questions prepared, and ask any judge those questions after prejudging before they leave the building. You tube is not the way to learn. They always seek out an NPC Judge. Not those they see in the gym.

9. Favorite motto?

Jerry: We Do Better When We Know Better, When We Know Better We Do better.

10. What most people don't know about you?

Jerry: I'm a master trainer, what is a master trainer. My certification took a year long to get and pass, it was paid for by the City of New York. I'm certified as an Instructor, as well as a Personal Trainer & Contest Trainer. I can teach and certify others as Personal Trainers. I worked with the Justice Department and the Military as an Instructor. I have over 40 years of Health & Fitness knowledge, training, contest prep, posing coach and former competitor. I'm always on the road coaching, both NPC & IFBB USA Competitors & IFBB Caribbean Competitors.

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