Jernae Brown - Bikini Competitor

I started Bodybuilding under the suggestion of my Dentist who also happens to be a good friend of mine as well.

My diet will change based on what needs to be worked on for an upcoming show or the feedback I receive from the Judging Panel. Iíve noticed my body reacts better when I have very few carbs, a lot of veggies and my 4 oz of lean proteins.
As a person who loves trying something new, I donít see any of my past diet plans as failures. I see them as experiments for 4-3 months.

For the past decade Iíve worked as a Promotional Model and a Glamour Model so that has kind of helped in the confidence department. Iím also very social by nature so that helps too.

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Training - Itís a combination of fasted cardio in morning and cardio in the evening and lifting. Since Iím Bikini I have to keep my muscularity down. Noticing your physique change from week to week helps you to maintain balance. Plus, I have a timer that goes off when itís time for me to eat. Itís definitely helpful.

Last year in September I participated in my first National Show and I was very excited to be there. I told myself no matter what just have fun. When it came time to Check-In I wasnít nervous, but at the same time you could tell that I was a first-timer to the National Stage. Everyone was very polite and when I needed help or had a question everyone was very helpful. Prejudging and Finals went by VERY FAST. I think I blinked once and it was over. You have SOO MUCH adrenaline when youíre prepping back stage and doing your routine on stage that you donít have time to take it all in. So always take picture lol.

My plans for the future is to compete again. Iím currently in my Off Season. So my Coach, nutritionist and I are reviewing the game plan for the upcoming NPC/IFBB Season. We are also picking out a show as we speak. So stay tune.

Jernae Brown

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