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I have been going to the gym on and off since the age of 16 (initially making mistakes such as only doing cardio and countless crunches!). At the age of 21 I started weight training and then a year later I found out about bikini competitions. I straight away fell in love with that type of physique and spent the next 2 years training hard, building muscle and working towards potentially competing one day. Last year I hired a coach and did a 16 week prep for my first competition where I took 2nd place.

Diet - After competing I have made a mistake of not reverse dieting and I have rebounded pretty badly. My off season plan now is to slowly switch to flexible dieting (IIFYM) as I believe a more balanced approach is key to a happy off season and prep. Fat loss wise - I have found that lower carb approach or carb cycling works best for me. I don't believe that you MUST eat 6 or 8 or 2 meals, meal frequency should be based on what personally suits your lifestyle. That being said, if you are eating 3000 calories a day, fitting those into 2 meals may be difficult so splitting those calories in 6-7 meals would be a better approach.

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Comp prep diet - Currently I find that higher carb plans don't work for me as I very much struggle to lean out when my carbs are kept high. That's another reason why I love carb cycling, I get to enjoy carbs every few days whilst leaning out.

I have only so far competed once (UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2015) and it has been an amazing experience! All my friends and family have come to support me and even though most of the day seemed to go fairly slow (waiting for my category) once I was called backstage everything most definitely sped up! The energy on stage was incredible especially since I had so many people screaming my name and cheering me on. I would definitely recommend everyone competes at least once if they are serious about training and nutrition, there's nothing like it!

I have a background in dance and drama therefore luckily stage freight isn't something I have ever experienced! But for those who get nervous the important thing to remember is you have worked so incredibly hard to get there, you don't want to miss out on placings because you weren't confident enough. So put on a big smile, show off your hard work in the best light possible. And if you still feel shy - fake it till you make it!

Future plans - I most definitely plan on competing in future although I am not sure if it will be this year. I'm planning on studying towards my PT Qualifications so I can help more people on their fitness journey! I would also love to do more photo shoots and always looking out for opportunities within fitness!

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