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I started working out with my Mom at the age of 13. She inspired me to take care of myself and to have a strong body for all sports and dance. I became a personal trainer in 2000 and decided to do a couple of bodybuilding competitions to understand the art of training for a competition and to see what my body was capable of when pushed. This gave me more credibility as a trainer as well as the personal experience. I then moved to Canmore, AB and started a family and did not compete again until 2014 as a bikini competitor in Phoenix AZ and came 3rd.

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My off season diet is not a lot different that my competition diet. I eat very clean in both seasons; however my competition diet is definitely more strict without any cheats and I pay more attention to my macros. The eating plan I find most effective to lose weight and build muscle is eating around 2500 cals when building and then reducing down to around 1500 cals in the last few weeks before stage. The least effective diet I have found is when I have cut calories too early or too much and lose too much of my muscle and end up looking too depleted.

Building self confidence required to strut on stage takes lots of posing practice. When I am confident with a well rehearsed routine it is easier to rock the stage. I just stay focused on the routine and what my "job" is on stage. To tell you the truth, I don't even think about the audience, I am just so focused on the posing and showing the correct angles while keeping a tight body.

Nutrition, Posing and Cardio are equally important to me in my daily regime. If you have the physique but don't know how to show it, the work has been pointless. Cardio and HITT training fluctuate depending on how my physique is coming along with the nutrition plan. I usually start out my training with 20-30 minutes of cardio per day and increase it only if required.

I just finished the Vancouver ProAm show a week ago and I was definitely the most confident I have ever been at a competition. I felt that my physique was on point but more importantly I had put the work into my posing and felt very good about my mandatory poses and routine. This has always been my weak point when competing. I felt very well supported by my coaches who were there for me every step of the way tweaking my food, water and sodium intake right until I stepped on the stage making sure I peaked just right.

Being an athlete has a very positive impact on my overall life. It has helped me grow into a very confident and active person. I am raising a family that enjoys exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. We enjoy cooking nutritious meals together and getting outside enjoying the mountains and a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

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Thank you to the team of people who helped in my success last night!! 1st place Bikini Masters 1st place Bikini Open Won Overall Bikini Thanks to my incredible coach @schirokhardbodies as well as my amazing posing coach @ifbbpro_ashleyjenelle @gingerweartracylabrecque For my “show stopper” gorgeous suit!Special thanks to @gym.67 for all of your support!

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I took two days off after the Vancouver ProAm and I am now training for North Americans in Pittsburgh and the end of August. I will decide on further future plans after this next competition; however I am planning on taking a bit of time off since I have been training full on since last July.

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Vancouver ProAm July 14, 2019
1st Place Gran Masters
2nd Place Masters
4th Place Open

Canadian Physique Alliance Naturals- March 9, 2019
1st Place Bikini Open
1st Place Bikini Masters
1st Place Bikini Overall

Canadian Physique Alliance Winter Classic- March 16, 2019
1st Place Bikini Open
2nd Place Bikini Masters

NPAA (Natural Physique Athletics Association) November 4, 2017
1st NPAA Pro-Elite Fitness Model Earning International Pro-Elite Card
2nd NPAA Open Fitness Model-Elite Pro Card

IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) November 12th 2017
1st place Open Fitness Model-Pro Card
1st Place Master Fitness Model- Pro Card
1st Place Master Bikini Model-Pro Card
1st Place Overall Bikini Model

Featured in Oxygen Magazine- “Future of Fitness” May 2017
NPAA (Natural Physique Athletics Association) November 12, 2016
1st Bikini Masters-Pro Card
1st Master Fitness Model-Pro Card

IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) November 18th 2016
1st Masters Fitness Model
3rd Bikini Masters

ABBA Northern Body Building June 10, 2000
2nd Place Lightweight

ABBA Alberta Body Building Championships June 24, 2000
5th Place Lightweight


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