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Jennifer: I was 235 pounds at 14 years of age and feel in love with volleyball. So in order to be better at the sport I decided to stop ending and lost 60 pounds between 8th and 9th grade. Yes, I played volleyball but height was not on my side so I turned my focus to the gym. By the age of 20 another competitive local bodybuilder challenged me. He basically said I could never handle the diet and training. My personality is say in can't and I say watch me. Needless to say I did make it to the stage and placed 2nd on my first show and was hooked.

Offseason to precontest my diet stays pretty consistent it is my cardio amount that changes the most. I will also rotate my carbohydrates more on the off season and reduce them as get closer to competition. Personally, I enjoy carb rotation. In the offseason to build muscle and a more ketogenic style diet when I am in contest mode. Calories only fluctuate about 250 a day it's just the macronutrient makeup that changes.
I am not a big believer in carbs in your first meal unless you are training right after. I feel the body utilizes the food from dinner more efficiently and carbs are a more quick energy source. So unless you are getting up to train you didn't utilize the food you ate the night before to a full extent.

Supplements - I personally utilize metabolic nutrition glutamine which helps with recovery, a multi vitamin, and thyroslim as a fat burner. My favorite protein is Chrome Iso 28. I take the glutamine in the morning, and pre and post training. The multi at breakfast, and the thyroslim twice a day mid morning and mid afternoon. The chrome iso28 is utilized right after training mixed with water.

Workouts - I follow a 2 a day training. I do fasted cardio in the morning before work and then Wright train after work. Currently I train 6 days with weights (shoulders, back, hamstrings, chest, quads & arms) and 5 days cardio (45 mins) and 1 full rest day. Balance is key. My husband is also into the sport and competes so many times we train together and eat on similar schedules so that makes finding balance easier. Cooking and portioning out meals has become second nature and makes day to day living easier. Honestly, once the food is made it is grab and go.

When it comes to competing my mantra has always been be better than the previous best me. By the time "peak" week comes all the work is done. This is the time to relax, reflect and visualize the package you want to unveil on stage. My husband, Michael becomes my eyes, ears, and basically my brain during the next 72hrs. He is my go to person for advice and brutal albeit honest critique. If I am travelling out of state I usually arrive on a Wednesday for a Friday Show. I make sure I stay at a hotel with a kitchen in room so that I may monitor all of my food. Thursday is relaxation day, Friday is usually filled with tanning appointments and check ins for the show. I am usually quiet and to myself. I don't get involved in looking at other competitors or comparisons. In reality the results are not in our control anymore being the sport is subjective. Saturday morning is up early for hair and make up for a prejudging that usually starts around 12 and then finals around 6PM. I stay on my normal diet and don't throw in magic "potions" etc. I actually enjoy eating a good sushi meal after finals. As far as results, no matter the placing I do this for me to constantly improve my body. Yes a win is awesome, but I have made it to the pro status and that is a win in itself.

I plan on competing in the later summer shows in the 2016 as well as get involved in promoting shows.

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Jennifer Palazzo

Jennifer Palazzo