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Jennifer: I began training for my very first OCB Bikini competition in February of 2016. I trained and dieted for a solid 4 months with 1 cheat meal during the entire process. The competition date was dated for June 25, 2016.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: My diet changes are not that drastic. For my last show it was pretty cool how my coach allowed me to have 4 oz. of carbs 4 times a day.
During my off season I like to stay pretty consistent for the most part. I've been a pescatarian since I was 6 years old. So no meat products, just fish and veggies. I do enjoy eating a great yummy pizza during my off season, with occasional chocolate rice cakes. The most effective way to lose weight is to drink your gallons, and lift heavy, heavy, heavy. Increasing your weights burns more calories which amps up the metabolism. Gives a quick shock to the immunity, more sweat and more gains. I absolutely love it!!
The most effective diet that worked for me, may not work for everyone. The diet that did work very well for me, and my petite built was 5 small meals that consisted of eating a pound of fish per day, sweet potato, a bag spinach, broccoli, 2 gallons of water and 1/3 cup of jasmine rice.

This past competition I won first place in all categories. Being my first show this was the only diet plan that effectively worked very well with my stomach. I guess you can call me lucky after seeing the results.

My training program was on a 5 day program. 2x a week: legs then heavy weights, squats, lifting, NO cardio, because I was building a lot of muscle in a short period of time. I was a skinny person before I started my intense training sessions with my coach and trainer Tiffini Mann.

Training and diet have to be balanced. They go hand in hand! There is no easy way out once you commit to the competition lifestyle. It's ALL or 0. It's 2000% MENTAL.
This is why unfortunately sometimes, people drop out of shows. Plan, Plan, Plan! Meal prep takes time. It involves weighing food, washing dishes, making meals, and organizing your week in a timely fashion. I balanced my meals every 3 hours. I had an alarm on my Iphone, from the point I woke up to bedtime.
Very meticulous it sounds, but trust me, The body has memory just like your muscles have memory. The heavier I trained the hungrier I became.
Your coach will know if you have been cheating on your diet plan or in the gym. I should say an experienced coach will know.

Building self-confidence to compete: Practice, Practice, Practice. Self confidence is self love. I really do love myself, my body and others. I'm a sagatarian and love to talk with people. Growing up in the sales industry, meeting and talking to new people on a daily basis was easy for me. The posing part was very hard in the beginning for me. Twisting, turning, holding, squeezing your muscles for 2 minutes. Sounds crazy right? That is why I say to practice, the self confidence grows stronger once you embrace the flow of your strut.
Personality draws a lot of attention to your stage presence. The judges love to see something different. So add your own sexy, but classy touches to your walk… It def pays off at the end, I promise. Judges notice EVERYTHING.

Finals I had an amazing experience at my last comp, which was my first win and first comp. Besides slipping and falling on muscle juice oil spray twice, I have to say it was all worth it. The blood, sweat and tears paid off!!! Thank God….My hormones and emotions were a little bumpy during my peak week, which is the week of the competition. I was craving, cake, and pizza.
Athlete check in was great. The judges went over the protocol of the show rules regulations, etc….. Pretty explanatory. The finals for me I had to compete against a girl twice for a show down. She was absolutely gorgeous. Tall blonde girl with very long legs. See, I'm 5’2’’…. I had to work and add some extras to my walk, because she picked up on one of my signature moves by watching my T-walk back stage. My confidence and spunk showed the crowd that I was really being me and I wasn't trying to be a robot.

Future plans: Hmmmm. NPC or…… I have a lot of shows I’m looking at right now. There is a show in Cali this November 2016. I would just love to jump in with the sharks. However I plan on training extra extra hard right now and see which show is best for me.

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