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So I have workout in gyms since I was in high school. At the age of 23 being really sick with crohn's disease and Colitis and falling into a bit of a depression, I decided to get certified in personal training. I started training clients at New York Sports Club in 2001. I moved from New York to California in 2005. I was a personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness for one year before I became a fitness coach and then in 2008 I had my son. I was determined to come back off of maternity leave in better shape than before I left and that's exactly what I did. I dropped 51 pounds in two and a half months and of course some of that was baby.

What made me get into competing was a comment that somebody had said that I looked like I was ready to get on stage so I decided to do just that. I wanted to motivate my trainers and the members and current clients and potential clients. I wanted people to know about my medical conditions and knowing that I just had a baby but yet getting in good enough shape to get on stage. I competed in 2009 and I won my first show. I won that show 9 months after giving birth to my son. I wasn't looking to make a career out of competing since I was doing it more to motivate others. I didn't compete again until 2011 which was a year after my husband and I opened our own private Studio.

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At that point it was the same reason. I wanted to motivate the people that were in our private Studio. We had started YouTube channels and I thought it would be a great story especially with my background and health issues. I then took a very long break again until recently. This time I'm taking it serious enough where I really want to get my Pro card. I do not want to train people for shows. I still want to focus my business on changing people's lives that have medical conditions or are depressed or have eating disorders. These are all things that I suffered from which is why I feel like my clients are so successful. I have a coach that preps me for the shows and his name is Johnny Casalena (

I eat extremely healthy all year round because of my medical conditions and because I have a lot of food allergies that would put me in the hospital. There is a difference between when I'm off season and pre-contest. I definitely will eat more calories and more carbs and I do give myself a little bit of flexibility. I will not go out to eat at all when I'm in contest prep and I make all of my own food. When I'm off season I will go out to eat and still Place special orders but again just a little bit more flexibility. I don't eat food that is unhealthy for my system since I believe that food is fuel.

I have tried competition diets with other competition coaches and I didn't feel like they were the right fit for me. Too much flexibility even during contest prep and didn't give me the results that I've gotten so far and I haven't even gotten on stage yet. Definitely think that my medical conditions are very big factor in how my body uses certain food.

Getting on stage is not easy. I've always been comfortable being in front of a camera which I think is what helped me but physically walking on stage is scary. I think the biggest thing is practice. I practice every single day anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes during contest prep. Finding my flow is what makes the presentation that much better and makes me feel more confident.

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I train 5 days a week. 3 days of upper body and two days of legs. I do cardio 6 days a week. When I'm off season I do a little bit of cardio in the morning and no cardio after training but when I'm in prep mode I do cardio after my training. I start out slow and then increase it as the weeks go on. Balancing training and food is fairly easy for me because it's something that I do even before I ever decided to go into competing. I prep my food one day a week for 8 days out. I even prep a little extra for my kids. I say kids because I now have a two year old.

When I first started competing I definitely think that there were a lot of nerves and the waiting game was uncomfortable. Now I think the most uncomfortable part is not being able to take a shower. Not being able to shave my legs drives me insane. I don't mind anything else about the process. I have fun hanging out with the other competitors backstage and I have a lot of people that support me and come visit me. Finals of course is the best part because that's when you find out that you won. My history of shows is that I've won every one of them. I've done Masters and open. I've won three overalls.

Being a competitor does not affect my life at all. I'm actually more inspired to do more videos for my fans during contest prep. Sharing my experience with people. Since it's something that fit into my lifestyle then it really doesn't have too much of an effect on it except for when I have to add in the extra cardio. I have a phenomenal support system and an amazing husband that supports everything period even though I don't want to train people for shows I do know that it is something that will help my business in the future.

My future plans are to win this next show which will be in the next three and a half weeks and then go to Vegas to compete in Nationals to get my Pro card. I've been plan to really try to do Fitness modeling and compete once a year just to keep myself on my toes. Spend each year working on my weaker points and becoming a better version of myself.

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