Jennifer Searles - IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
October 2006

* Jennifer, for how long have you been training, and how do you motivate yourself to stay in shape?

I have been training seriously for about 6 years. I am motivated by how good I feel when I am being consistent with my training. I feel terrible when I am not working out!

* What do you feel differentiates you from other figure competitors?

Well, I'm sure we ALL work very hard, so THAT we all have in common. I would have to say that I am very good with following a formula. If I am given a plan, I stick to it no matter what. If I have to go to the gym 4 times a day to get the job done, I do it.

* How do you prepare your body for a competition? What do preparations include, and what is their length?

I usually start dieting about 16 weeks from my first show of the season, and increase my cardio volume right away. My diet stays pretty clean year-round, I just omit my cheat meals, and begin a stricter carb cycle. This way, I don't have to KILL myself at the last minute before a show.

* What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?

In the sport, I would have to say two things. First, earning my IFBB pro card, and second, qualifying for my first Olympia. Both were dreams come true for me!

* Displaying your body in front of the audience probably demands high self confidence, in addition to perfect figure. How did you build this high confidence? Does your performing as an actress on theater stage help you now on competition stage?

My training as an actress has ABSOLUTELY helped with my stage presence and confiedence! Also, the sheer act of being on stage or in front of the camera so many times has made it much easier. I feel at home in front of a crowd. You have to just lose yourself in what you are doing, and forget that you are being judged.

* Please tell us about your contract with Bodyonics Pinnacle you have signed lately. What are your expectations with it?

I recently signed an endorsement contract with Pinnacle and am now traveling around the country to the various fitness events helping to promote their products. I am having the best time working with Pinnacle - it's such a great company with such fun people! I am hoping they keep me around for a long time!

* Where have you appeared as a fitness model?

I was recently featured in AXL magazine and Bodyfitness Magazine. I have also appeared in For Me magazine, Ironman, NPC News, Flex, and Oxygen.

* In your industry, what is considered as the most prestigious assignment for a fitness model?

I would have to say scoring the cover of one of the major fitness magazines would be a crowning achievement - one I hope to eventually accomplish!

* In what way do the competitions boost your career as a fitness model?

Every competition has photographers in the audience, covering the show for the magazines. The more that people see you, the more inclined they are to think of you when an assignment comes up (provided they like the package that you present).

* What are the comments you receive from men and women in gym regarding your figure? I guess many envy you...

I often have woman ask me for advice on how they can look more fit "like me". I think it's the ultimate compliment! I am always so honored by a compliment from another female. It makes me happy that I am able to influence another woman to make changes in her life that are for the good. The comments from men aren't bad either! It's nice when people notice all of the hard work involved in sculpting your body.

* What are your hobbies?

I love trying new restaurants and new foods. I also love going to wine tastings!

* What is your dominant trait?

I would have to say my perseverance. I don't like to be a quitter!

* How will you pamper yourself?

I am a facial/manicure/pedicure junkie. I get manicures twice a week, pedicures every other week, and facials once a month. I can't live without them!

* What should we expect this year, and where do you see yourself five years from now?

I am hoping to make it back to the Olympia stage this year, and would be elated to make the top 5. Really, as long as my placing improves from 9th place last year, I will be happy! In 5 years from now, I can definitely see myself still immersed in the sport, whether it be competing still, or traveling as a spokesperson and representative for Pinnacle. I plan on sticking around for a while.

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