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I started to competed and prep in December of 2017. It all started with watching a friend compete in 2015 and seeing the girls and instantly feeling challenged that I could do it and win. I feared getting on stage and having all eyes on me while being in a bikini so it took me a long time to commit but I started training and did my first show in April of 2018 and have done 4 competitions since training. Each show I placed except for this last one at the San Diego fit expo. I learned and grew from each show.

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My meals were really basic and simple but became such a mental game as you start to crave and want the things you never cared for before like pizza ice cream cookies donuts pasta. But basic meats. Low fats. Not too high in carbs but I still got carbs just not the ones I wanted like bread or pasta. The food is the key part with working out to build the muscle but every person is different so I canít say what worked for me will work for the next person but I would recommend finding a coach to balance that for you.
All of mine have worked for me. With each show they were all pretty similar. My main struggle was maintaining between because you do want to splurge and not go back to chicken and ground turkey. So like I said itís a mental game and just overcoming those things you ďwantĒ and just committing to what your body needs.

I never really had the confidence but I am good at faking the funk in the moment. As I got to my third and fourth show I was finally more at a position where I was happy with my image so I felt more confident and just remembered for myself personally that some of these girls are doing this naturally and I am (no steroids or testosterone boosts) and that I am a mother of two and some have never had children so I had to remember I am the best I look and that is all that matters that when I look in the mirror I am happy with what I see because these other girls donít go home to me they donít pay my bills we all just share a common interest and goal to be on stage.

For me I like to workout early because I do live a busy life styles. So I get up early so fasted cardio. Eat then go work out and do post cardio. I personally had more body so I did a lot of cardio. My mornings started at 430 and my days donít end until about 9 or 10 so mentally you just have to want the change in order to truly commit.

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BLUE ERRRRíTHANG for my dad. A truly special show for me. Hard work paying off. Great friends. New friends. Amazing support. And the right mind set keep me unstoppable. #jjbikinisquadsisters #squadsisters #momswholift #feelingmotivated #realtorswholift #jjbikinisquad #npc #bikini #reinvent #reinventyourself #npc #bikini #musclecontest #momoftwo #militaryspouse #momlife #npcbikini #globalformulas #marinewife #raparral #reinventyourself #resilience #natural #gymmade

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Athlete check in you definitely are comparing and seeing your competition but itís fun. Itís all a huge adrenaline rush. You work months on end for seconds on the stage so you just have to know that at the end of the day youíre bringing your best and so is the next girl. Be prepared for the worst and expect the best. The vibe and support is unlike any other. Women are usually so friendly and supportive and we all understand each other. So that is the best part. Being back stage and just vibing and hearing each otherís stories.

Life as an athlete: Itís a hard balance. Itís very time consuming. Itís draining. Your family will sit in the back seat a lot of times because you're in your mental zones. If you have a good support your prep will be easier. I know I fight against genetics so itís hard for me to put on muscle and have it show even though I am strong and can lift heavy but again that goes back to we all have our own challenges to overcome.

Iíve done four shows this year so Iím going to take a break and enjoy the holidays because Iím a fat girl at heart and I love food. I have no clue when Iíll compete again but I love the stage so Iím sure I will return early next year. For now I just maintain and grow my muscles.


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