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I grew up skinny with no muscles and fell in love with my body transforming after touching weights. I first saw a bodybuilding show at a 19yrs old and that very moment I knew I wanted to go up on stage and do that as well so I competed in my first bodybuilding show at the age of 19 and won and was hooked ever since.

My diet gets cleaned up a lot by me ridding of all my vegan snacks and junk food right away and increasing my meals in to small nutritious portions thru the day as off season l eat when I'm hungry and my diet is more relaxed. I feel a high fat diet works best for me with my weight loss and to build muscles. I never count macros as I listen to my body during prep. I have no diet plans that failed. I only have ones that were harder than others like my last prep when I did a raw diet with lots of vegetables, only sunflowers and almonds. The amount of vegetables I had to consume each day let alone purchase was overwhelming but I got thru it.

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I started dance class at the age 3 and was on stage performing at my dance recitals yearly so the stage became my happy place. I'm very comfortable on stage as some may call me a ham lol.

I lift 6 times a week and add HIT cardio once I'm full into prep or when I feel I need it. It's easy to balance training with diet as they go hand and hand. You must meal prep and have your meals timed throughout the day and around your workouts.

My last show I competed in at the 2017 Tampa Pro was an amazing. Athlete check in was great, they took good care of us athletes by all the giveaways we received. It was very organized as IFBB Pro shows are and seeing and meeting one of my idols since I started lifting weights, Lenda Murray was very humbling, I loved every moment. Pre judge went smooth and very fast!

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Just me flexing at one of my fav homes @j_starfitness I truly think @ifbbvictormartinez show where I guessed posed @victormartinezlegends set the tone for my 2019 season! I canít wait to see what package I bring to the stage! Yall all know I was knocked down for 2018 so u best believe Iím going all out, full blast for 2019! Canít wait til my 4th IFBB Pro show?????? #jehina2019 #chestday #firstever #vegansincebirth #ifbbpro #physique #historymade #wpd #sponsoredathlete #cleanmachine #centerstageposingsuits #veganbodybuilding #jehinamalik #theresoneofme #pmcclarin #ucantbeme #blessed #worldfemaleathletics #vegan #bevsgym #starfitness #spartagym #richiesgym #incompetitionwithme #healingdaybyday #ivecomesofar #keepwatching #comebackofjehina

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Being an athlete affects my entire life by my well being, mental and physical, being able to help others and always having a goal. I plan to compete in my 4th IFBB Pro show this year as this is my comeback year, I was out last year 2018 and not able to compete because my physical body. I was struck by a car the week after my 3rd pro show. So after 11 months of physical therapy and endless doctor appointments, I've been on the road to recovery. I'm not done yet and everyone will see the new and improved Jehina once I grace the stage once again.


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