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My first show in July '16 southern states, I competed in Figure and won 1st in my class and the Overall Novice. I also place 3rd in the Open class at the age of 44. Now I was Nationally Qualified. I was a crossfitter and asked my husband Owner of Designed Performance to help in this figure endeavor where he does my training, diet and show prep.
So we proceed onto Nationals Nov '16 where I competed in my second show but this time we moved up to Physique and trained for 7 weeks and my husband handled all the diet and stage prep as usual and I won 2nd in my class and obtained my Pro card status after only my second show.
We proceeded on to my first IFBB pro debut at the Karina Nascimento Classic on March 25, where I placed 3rd.

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My diet off season basically consists of high protein with good fats, clean carbs and I allow myself to eat fruit in moderation and dairy on occasion. I try to stay away from sugars but it's really hard because I really love sweets. My workouts off season are: Lower reps and heavier weight with 3 days cardio Prep workouts, more intense super sets and giant sets at 80% max with minimum 5 days of cardio.

Contest prep diet consists of lean protein, chicken breast, fish and lean red meat, clean carb cycling, plenty of vegetables, no dairy, no fruit, no fat and Designed Performance supplements. I have tried other diets in the past such as paleo high protein, high fats and no carbs but none of them seem to work. With the advice of my very knowledgeable husband who has been in the body building seen for many years I started doing the old school carb cycling diet which works best for me.

I didn't really know what to expect the first time I stepped on stage but all I know is once I was up there in front of everyone it just felt right and at that moment I knew that this is what I want to do. Of course I get really nervous right before I step on that stage but once I do my routine I just get in my groove and do my thing. What keeps me calm is just being grateful and feeling so blessed to be doing what I love and if I place well then that's just a bonus.

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My last show the IFBB Karina Nascimento Classic was my best experience so far. I felt confident with the way I looked and I was a lot more comfortable with my posing which for me is the most nerve racking. The promoters, judges and the competitors were all amazing, the show was just an all around great experience.

My future plans are hopefully to make it to the Olympia with in the next year or two or maybe sooner! So I'm going to work my hardest to get there. One thing is for sure you will be seeing a lot more of me and every time I promise to display a better me.

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