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Jeanette: I considered competing back in 2009 after I saw a girl in my gym preparing for her 1st show. I was intrigued and not having a clue about the sport, thought that I could do that and probably After going to my first show I knew that it was definitely knew that I wanted to do this. So I signed up for the first show of the year in my area, started working with a couple friends with training, diet and posing and then hit the stage. Yep, I quickly learned that I was way off on not only my training, diet and posing, but also my attitude and thinking. I placed horribly that show but it did give me a fire to improve. I had no idea of the unbelievable changes in my mental and physical being that lay ahead.

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Diet and Training

In June 2015 my coach Jason Giardino and I made the decision to make the change from figure to physique after my critiques from Jr Nationals, so I really didn't have an off-season this past year. We went directly into a full court press to add as much muscle and size as possible before the next show season. So, this past 10 months we've tried to stay relatively leaner than previous true off-seasons. I don't count calories, but I do go by macros. We have found that when I'm more than 3 months out from a show, 6 meals with and moderate to low carbs. I usually function better with very low carbs. When I'm closer to show my meals bump to 8 a day and then carbs will vary depending on how my body is changing. Since changing divisions and how I change, my body is changing how it responds to food and the different types of food I eat. What worked in previous preps isn't working this time, so learning and discovering all over again. Makes it exciting.

I've tried several plans. I've done fish and asparagus for weeks (I just got tired of fish!!), I've done plans with amazing meals with big recipes (good food but prep took way too long)...those were good for where I was, but as my life changed, my meal plan needed to also. I like easy and simple. My schedule can be kind of crazy with training my clients, teaching classes, family life and my training so whatever I have, it needs to quick and easy. Typically have some form of turkey, chicken or eggs with green beans and a couple meals with a carb. Something I can eat hot or cold.

I love my training program right now!! I love to lift heavy and competing in the physique division has given me that opportunity. Even better is that several times during the week I get to train with my husband who has been a huge support to me and pushes me even harder. When I'm training for a show, I have to set some kind of goals in the weight room to keep my training fun. This for me is setting personal goals on how heavy I can lift. This helps keep me focused and pushing hard. My cardio usually consists of either the Cybex Arc Trainer or my stationary bike and right now I do an hour a day. I let my music push me here because this isn't one of my favorite aspects of competing, although this prep it seems to have gotten a bit easier to get thru for some reason. The balance between training and diet is pretty easy. My meals are planned so many hours apart and my weights and cardio fit into my schedule around my family and clients. Can be a little nuts sometimes and I need to be flexible but it all gets done.

T-bar rows are one of my favorite back exercises. Pulls in some legs and core along with my back. About 200lb for 5 good reps and I'm happy. #gialabsinc #teamgiafit #vasofactor #ifbb #npc #bodybuilding #physique #wpd #tbar #row #girlswholift #showprep #iammyonlycompetition #weighttraining #liftheavy

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On Stage

When I started on this journey I was very shy and insecure, but being in the weight room has given me the self-confidence to believe in myself. I competed in the figure division from the beginning, but really truly never felt comfortable onstage. I even worked with the beautiful Ava Cowan who told me to watch the women like Marilyn Monroe in the old movies. Watch their big movements, their grace. I am not a girly girl and for me, the fact that I could walk in 5" heels was a miracle in itself! LOL. I had toyed around with the idea of moving to physique for awhile but I was petrified of the routine. However, when I took the stage this past March to do my first physique show, I have never felt so comfortable onstage! I truly believe that one can't force themselves in a division. I tried to fit into a division that my body wasn't made for. I have an athletic build and physique just fits me so much better. I'm having fun in all aspects of my training and it's showing onstage. I am comfortable in my own skin now, it just happens to hold a lot more muscle than before.

For the longest time competing, I tried not to get emotionally sucked into show day. I've always hovered off by myself kind of preparing my mind for what I was about to do. This last show was completely different. Because I so much enjoy what I'm doing as a physique competitor, I put everything into this prep. I fell in love with the process, throwing myself completely into it. Show day came and I was my usual self, getting ready for battle physically and mentally. I had my head in the game, thought for sure that we had 1st only to take 2nd or in my mind..last. Yeah, I know, what a cry I don't think I've ever been so emotionally upset about my placing as I was that night. When you give everything you've got and expect one thing only to get something less, emotions can get the best of you, I'm human. After venting to my wonderful husband and coach and a few tears, I composed myself and got my critiques from the judges. I try to learn something from every show that I do and this time I was reminded that I need to compete against myself and only myself, that I need to strive to be the best me that I can. Onstage was the most comfortable I've ever felt, I found an ease in something I was very afraid of, yet offstage I was reminded that I'm human and that can I failed miserably at keeping my emotions and pride in check. Now I move forward to the next show with these lessons and work to improve to be better, not just for myself but as an example to my kids.

I'm currently preparing to do Team Universe at the beginning of July to compete for the IFBB Pro Card. My placing there will determine what shows I will do the rest of the season but I'm excited to see what comes!

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