Jasmine Arnal - Bikini Competitor

My name is Jasmine Arnal, and my story is a little different than most.

I was 208 lbs when I started my fitness journey. Competitive fitness was introduced into my life by a friend and I was immediately hooked on it. I found myself a coach and began going to the gym. I lost 81 lbs for my first show in 2014, and from there, I havenít looked back.

My diet and training is mostly the same from off season to contest prep. My coach will let me have a treat meal usually once a month (usually something sweet, or pizza). Other than that, my diet is consistent. The foods I eat during off season and contest prep are pretty much the same. The only thing that really changes is portion size. White meat, with veggies is my go to. Iíve learnt that my body doesnít work well with a lot of carbs so I do a cycle of high carbs, low carbs. I prep all my meals on Sunday so I am ready for the week. Currently I lift 6-7 days a week, and do 1-2 muscle groups per day, along with HIIT cardio. I have an amazing coach who makes up my diet, training, and supplement plans for me. They get altered about 2 times a month pending how close I am to stepping on stage.

Confidence was not my strong point when I began competing, but when the pounds kept flying off, the confidence just came along with it.

Contest time is the most exciting part. Sharing the package Iíve been working on for months is always fun, and Iím always eager to bring a better, stronger look for my next show. Seeing your family and friends in the crowd cheering you on makes you that much more excited to make them proud of what youíve accomplished and worked so hard for. Iíve competed in IDFA and MABBA, placing top 5, and winning the transformation challenge at IDFA in 2014.

Iíve learnt that consistency is key. I work very hard on my physique, and I donít ever wat to end up back to the weight I was.

Iíve began my pre-contest diet and training for a photoshoot in July. Iím currently not planning on doing any shows in 2017. Iíd like to gain some size, and finish school before stepping on stage again.

Instagram: Jasminejoyyy

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