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I started competing in 2016 after find out many clients saw me like as a lazy person due my way to look at fitness, as South American we hold more fat ( specially on lower body) and we like flat abs. Because I live and work in UK, European look at us like fat people because they look lean 6 pack, so this was main reason I changed myself to motivate my clients.

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My diet always changes due the deficit I need to lower the body fat, so usually most of times I only lower carbs and slightly fat week by week till to depleted peak week and never lower than 40g (200 gr). I donít follow specific diet due the fact my body is in constant change, so after contest I do clean up detox, full blood tests (specific- TSH, liver function, testo etc..) week after competition only fibers and carbs , till hold exams in hands to choose correct diet to boost my immunity till be in pre contest again .

I never followed same diet constant, but one I found no good results for my class is ketogenic diet who made my body loose to much muscle mass and become too dry.

I stop to crucify myself for mistakes and set goal if I donít reach I donít step on stage, so most of times I get big names courage as example and due the struggle on prep I only go if Iím fully well conditioned and on this way I'm feeling 100% confident to show the job has been done.

Normally continues fast cardio 30-45 min when I wake up and during the prep I add extra intervals of 20-30 3-4x week after weight training, I never keep my body on HIT in low carbs.

In this new federation in UK (American Pro legue) I found judges more knowledgeable due the fact they really know aspects of human anatomy and on federation I left any person can be judge, so on Pro legue they are much professional and everything is on point (date, time , back stage Organization) so you kwon when you be next to step, and you can get proper time to prepare yourself (tanning , makeup etc.) to be ready .

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We donít have social life with kids like normal family, but I always try to be there for my daughter in everything to filling the gap.

Future plans: Finish university, back to my previous job maybe.

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mednutriturini
Email: jackturini@gmail.com

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