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I started my first NPC Muscle Contest back in 2011 and have been competing since. I was inspired by the sport of bodybuilding through my husband as we met while he was prepping for his first bodybuilding show for the NPC Muscle Contest as well. I donít compete yearly as I prefer to give my body time to grow and develop muscle maturity which takes time. Iím also an independent consultant for pharmaceuticals and biotech industry and this alone keeps me extremely busy. Generally, itís been every two years that I compete but that could change in the near future.

Off-season, my diet is high carb and low protein with cheat meals varying anywhere from 0-3 meals/week. My protein consists of steak, fish, eggs, turkey, protein shake etc. Most often this is protein shake as it is convenient for me when traveling for business. Pre-contest, it becomes high protein and low carb. My protein become more selective like fish and chicken only, but it really depends on how my physique is looking during check-in with my coach.

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So far, the diet plans that Iíve tried have been successful. This year, Iíve tried carb cycling for the first time and my body responded very well. I am always open to new diet or changes to my diet as I donít want to set any limitations because you donít know how your body is going to respond and the FEAR of not knowing sometimes takes us back to reserving to the same lifestyle of diet. I think diet plans fail if donít have the discipline to make the sacrifice(s) required to reach your goal. No one said itís easyÖ if they did, they lied to you. LOL!! As for me, I try to be reasonable when it comes to what diet I consume off-season and pre-contest. I will say that during pre-contest, I donít give myself a cheat meal and this just comes down to preference. Could I have a cheat meal here and there? Absolutely!! My thought surrounding ďcheatĒ meal is that victory taste sweeter when you take ĎOverallí title so with that mindset, I choose to make the sacrifice. Even if I donít take the overall title, itís about self-fulfillment and gratification for ME.

Training: Depending on the mood, I do a mixed program. I like variety and I thrive on change to avoid boredom. Thereís less cardio involve off season and cardio is normally 20 min 3x week. Sometimes none at all. This changes every time depending on my physique and what my goal is at that given time. My last season, I didnít do any cardio in order to put on the size I needed for prep at NPC Team Universe. During pre-contest my cardio was 20 min daily and as I got closer to my show, duration increases. I typically will do cardio before weights and thatís just preference. I rarely do fasted cardio. I donít feel this type of cardio benefits ME more than nonfasted cardio.

I have always been an over achiever, so I am always setting goals for myself that will challenge me in all aspects of life and I knew that the sport of bodybuilding ďfigureĒ would be the perfect division. I remember being on stage for the first not knowing that heck I was doing. As continue to compete in more shows, I became more comfortable each time, but I still get nervous every time Iím on stage. Being on stage allows me to display my hard work!! Whether I place or not, I reflect on the progress Iíve made from my first competition to where I am now. I also reflect on the people (family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, etc.) that have shared my journey and I am so blessed for their love and support! To be honest, I canít do what I do without them. They are my WORLD!!

My most recent competition was the NPC Masters. While I didnít get my pro card here, I was fortunate enough to place top 3 in Figure 35C and top 6 in Figure 40C. In terms of how this show was facilitated, I only have positive feedback. Itís organized from beginning to end. As a competitor, I felt at ease and very comfortable every step of the way. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful!

Being an athlete allowed me to learn a lot about myself thru my own experiences. In some case it also allowed me to learn through otherís experiences. It has given me a new appreciation for food because during prep youíre restricted to eating the same food daily. Being an athlete makes you vulnerable to weaknesses (emotional and physical) that comes your way, but it allows you find your strength to overcome your struggles. It also has force me to be conscientious about managing my time and staying within schedule. Lastly, it has given me an opportunity to inspire others which I am so grateful for. I hope to continue to do what I do and make a difference in someoneís life.

Future plans: Work harder today, work even harder tomorrow. I set small goals to attain bigger goals Ėfor now I have my eye set on my pro card. Not sure when my next competition will be due to low back injury that I sustained recently, and I mean literally (3 days before stepping on stage for the NPC Masters) but Iíll be working silentlyÖ.

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